The names of the tallest buildings on the planet

 The names of the tallest buildings on the planet

The names of the tallest buildings on the planet everybody knows, but few think about why buildings need to give names. In this article we try to answer this question.

In today’s world of fierce competition, each manufacturer tries to distinguish his goods of total mass one way or another. Buildings and structures can also be viewed as a commodity, because they are built in order to include commercial or residential space was sold or leased. That is why, in our days, has gained wide spread name. Almost all the tallest buildings of today have their own unique names.

High modern building, the Burj Dubai, was built at the end of 2009. it is located in Dubai, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates. Its height is 818 m. the construction of this house spent about $4.1 billion In the translation of the Burj Dubai means Dubai tower. The name is clear it is clear where it is and what it looks like. So every tourist will be able to know him when they first met.

The second largest building on the planet is called Taipei 101. It is located in Taipei, capital of Taiwan. The construction of this skyscraper with a height of 571 meters were completed in 2003. Figure 101 in the title refers to the 101 floor.

Among the tallest buildings there are also the following names: Shanghai world financial center, twin Towers, Petronas towers, Sears tower, Jin Mao tower, Citic Plaza, shun Hing Square, Empire state building, Skyscraper «Willis tower».

Fashion to name the building objects today is very common among developers. «Pearl», «Dream», «Sosnovyy Bor», «Admiral» – such names are intended to attract the attention of buyers. The more sonorous and memorable it is, the more likely it is that the apartments in this building sells out faster than others. Of course, the quality of construction will always be the main criterion, but naming plays a role.

The tallest buildings in 1884 and 2009.

This picture shows 78 the tallest buildings built before 1884.

The highest at the time was the Washington Monument height of 169 meters;

Cologne Cathedral – 155 meters;

Old St. Paul’s Cathedral is 154 meters

The author of this lithograph George cram.

The tallest buildings in 1884 and 2009.

This chart provides the highest buildings of our time (2009god.).

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