The movie Noah — no frills and surprises

The movie Noah - no frills and surprises

The movie Noah I would like to praise, so, sorry, not for that. Here even the word «good» does not fit. From Aronofsky get a picture as pointless as the ark of Noah in his.

This film is beautifully finished box, inside of which nothing. To call the characters cute, so to deceive themselves. But if the characters don’t like, and empathize with them is not desirable. Noah survives with his family, or die (though we know from the biblical story, that «our ancestors» all ends well) – does not care.

The premiere of the film «Noah» was held on 10 March 2014. In different countries, it is perceived differently. You can make your own opinion by reviewing it. Network download films 2015 torrent can be free today, what to say about the film that appeared on the screen for more than six months ago. Suggest to watch it in the best quality. The visual effects in this film, though not spectacular, but to look at it is worth it!


More about them. Noah (his present to us in the person of Russell Crowe) finds himself a mission, because God gives him some signs (prophetic dreams, visions, etc.) to be Honest, good human qualities, he can not boast. Noah is stubborn and proud, for this goal is ready to sacrifice everything even life in your family. It is strange that the Lord chose him, because kindness and gentleness this Noah is no different.

His children just think about women, lust drives them. But the problem is that one of the sons of the girl (Emma Watson) and the other ham – no. In the end, this injustice will cause great harm. By the way, to forgive in this family no one knows and, in General, to be honest, this whole family seems a little strange, to say the least. Therefore, to be on her side and especially do not try.

«Story seeds» are laid out in the beginning of the film, but grows from them is not what they dreamed of. First was broken great themes – General, human degradation, spiritual falling, then Aronofsky has suddenly offered us the chance to explore the theme of private – family «squabbles». I think here you’re watching some epic movie or a family drama – and, very mediocre.

In the second segment of the painting the viewer can do is to follow the breakdown of Noah and his search for himself in the confined space of the ark. The protagonist of these crazy studies creates problems not only for themselves but also for the whole family. Here the main theme – the others simply do not. By the way, why is Noah suddenly became tormented with doubts – a big mystery, which apparently it will remain so forever.

The actors have fulfilled his plan – so it is possible for them to say. But to applaud them won’t, because the work came from them routine, dull, ordinary. Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Connelly were trying to have something to show, but, if the primitive does not allow to boast the ability and skills, what can you do?

In General terms, is the movie Noah to see if there are other activities. One of the advantages – effects. There is a huge stone people, a large-scale scene of the flood, on the big screen these computer beauty look impressive.

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