The movie «magic in the moonlight» — another magic from woody Allen

Film magic in the moonlight another magic from woody Allen

The movie «magic in the moonlight» – the next magic Article. Allen. What do you know about psychics? Do you believe in predicting the future or reading thoughts? I admit that seemingly ordinary people can learn about you just by looking the most sacred in the eye? In the summer of 2014, the American Director and comedian woody Allen has revealed to us the veil of the mysterious world of magic in this film.

The cast of the film «magic in the moonlight»

As always, not making a mistake in the choice of actors, Allen shows us a great acting talent , Colin Firth, and his thin aristocratic British manners, and the charm and charm of one of the most versatile Actresses of our time – Emma stone. About this movie just wrote almost all news culture. Unfortunately, there are no awards directed to him received.

A little about the plot

Hero Firth is Stanley Crawford , a famous magician and staunch skeptic and a realist to the bone, trying to catch a brilliant psychic and to stop it, in his opinion, a false operation. But the psychic turns out to be a beautiful girl, Sophie, in front of which can not stand no man. Will our hero to keep a cool mind and calm and not to succumb to the charms of these huge eyes that see right through him?

Undoubtedly, the film «magic in the moonlight» not only about psychic abilities. As with all films of woody Allen, not the last place takes the problem of compatibility of the characters and the subtleties of human behavior. Mr. Crawford — a complex, scathing and rude in some way similar to most of Allen, who thinks her life and relationship with the bride perfect in a few days of chatting with Sophie begins to question everything and wonder about the correct choice. This allows each viewer to philosophize with the hero and think about your life.

Sophie is a charming, lovely creature, is able to feel people. It was quite pleasing to the hard temper of Stanley, but on the contrary, even attractive. He only doesn’t believe her, puts her words and actions into question than only arousing in her the desire to play with him. The dialogue between the characters is permeated with subtle humour, a pleasure to watch the chemistry that is growing in the process of communication. It should be noted that the choice of Colin Firth for the lead role — it’s practically a guarantee of success for most paintings. Remember «Pride and prejudice», where he seamlessly blended into a favorite way of women Mr. Darcy, or a completely different project — «Kingsman: the secret service», where he played amazingly secret agent and performed almost all the stunts and fighting techniques of your own!

Someone can say that the choice E. stone in the role of Sophie was not entirely successful. She had an unconventional appearance, unusual manner of speaking and her voice are unpleasant notes, but let’s face the facts — she perfectly plays the fatal beauty «the gangster squad», and a brazen rip «Bardone», and this ugly duckling in the help. All her roles are different and different from each other. And the role of Sophie Baker became the real decoration of his filmography.

The pros and cons of the film «magic in the moonlight»

Back to the «Magic in the moonlight». As the action in the film takes place in the early twentieth century, you will find beautiful costumes and great music of those years that will create a pleasant atmosphere to the whole film. Also please the eye the picturesque landscapes of the côte d’azur where the events of the film. So if you plan to spend a quiet evening in the company of a loved one or a couple of friends — it’s perfect.

A few words about the shortcomings of the film. One who closely monitors the work of woody Allen may consider the pattern predictable and formulaic. Because it is entirely «uudelleennoutoa» that makes it unlike the paintings of other filmmakers, but very similar to those that already adorn roomy in the filmography of Allen. In some sense it is not already taken them masterpieces, but nobody said that this is his best work. So you need to stop talking and just watch her, to plunge into this «Magic» and as usual make your own opinion on it.

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