The most unusual monuments of Moscow

The most unusual monuments of Moscow

The most unusual monuments of Moscow amaze tourists and locals for its creativity. Despite the fact that the cultural capital of Russia is St. Petersburg, in Moscow there are many works of art, museums and memorable places, where lived and worked famous (and not so) artists.


Unusual monuments and sculptures, usually mounted in honor of the popular literary or movie characters, characters of folklore and folk favorites. We can call the cheese «Druzhba» the monument which was erected in 2004 by the Moscow factory of processed cheeses «Carat». He portrayed a reconciled Fox and the crow from the fable that sitting on a stump holding a package of cheese.

Many actors known for their striking roles, as in the case of a Professor, played by Yevgeny Leonov in the movie «Gentlemen of fortune». The monument to this hero stands on Mosfilmovskaya street. Also in Moscow there are creative monuments to Baron Munchausen and Hodja Nasreddin that have been created and are set arbitrarily by sculptor Andrei Orlov. Despite the objections of city officials, the monuments were for their high artistry and popularity among the people. Of course, this does not mean that anyone can buy granite monuments in Moscow and go where he pleases. Monuments Orlov can truly be called works of art, and they became the decoration of the place where they were installed.

Unusual monuments in Moscow are placed in public places and where people are extremely rare. So the monument to Pushkin vacationer tourist will be able to find immediately. It is close to Novy Arbat street, at the rear of the Embassy. Also not conspicuous monument to the student who is sitting peacefully on a bench near the Moscow state University of Railways. As for the sculptural composition of the Moscow Union of artists, it did not immediately take over the monument. Many people think that it’s just some pots hanging.

Among the unusual monuments of Moscow is also worth mentioning the monument Malchish-Kibalchish and Luzhkov-to the janitor, a monument to the Mobius strip, the monument to the «Penny», a monument of immortality, a monument to the athletes, to throw off Earth, a monument to the guest worker monument of the Mytishchi water supply, a monument to the man with the cell phone and all the lovers, a monument to bee Kuze and Bird of happiness, the monument «Way for ducklings», a sculptural composition «Children – victims of adult vices», a monument to Beskudnikovo railway line, the monument to the Russian intelligentsia and the Berlin wall, a monument to the gliders and the man in the tree.

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