The microstock photos: a new way of earning online

The microstock photo a new way of earning online

Well, when using pictures you find ways of self-realization and get pleasure from the process of shooting. Better yet, when all this kind of art allows you to earn. One of the relatively new solutions in this area – the microstock photos.

Most likely, you’ve heard about stock photography. Recall the principle of their work. Photographer sends his work of mediation (in his capacity acts as the Bank), which engaged in their sale. The buyer together with the gets all the rights to it and can use the image at its discretion.

The microstock photo work on a few other rules. If the Bank can sell the once here – as much as necessary. Of course, the price of each transaction is several times less than if it went under the hammer for the Bank. It can be portrait, landscape or photographing products for the catalog. But if your job is relevant, interesting and necessary (for example, a festive Christmas tree a few weeks before Christmas), it will buy dozens, maybe hundreds of customers, and the amount you will get a very good fee. Also, the price of the photo is affected by the purpose for which it was purchased (the buyer indicates that the transaction).

Even if you don’t have professional «SLR», you can begin to explore the microstock photos and earn money there first. The main thing – strictly adhere to the rules set out on the sites that sell images. As a rule, the difficulty lies in the size of the image (not every «soap» will make it to the minimum that is installed on microstock). In addition, you need knowledge of image processingto captured images to prove the best quality.

Demand creates supply. This economic law applies to selling images online. And really: it is easier to sell what you want and what you want to buy. Learn that most buyers are looking for, and try to answer their requests for his work.

Separately should be said about copyright. So, your work just can not accept to sell if there is an image of any logo. But if one of the main figures of the composition model, you must be the person’s permission to use his photographs for commercial purposes.

Income, allow you to microstock photos, depends on the number of images for sale. Do not expect that after a couple of days after downloading one or two of the works you will begin to drip money. Take photos and upload to the microstock more and more. Thus vary the topics and types of images to determine preferences of customers, to explore the market. And it is very likely that some of your work nobody will buy it. And that will be a hit. And will push you to new creative and at the same time the business successful experiments.

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