The Martian — sci-Fi movie 2015 from Ridley Scott

The Martian - sci-Fi movie 2015 from Ridley Scott

The Martian is a new sci-Fi film Director Ridley Scott, which was filmed in 2015. The film was first shown to the public on 11 September 2015 at the Toronto film festival. The main role is played by famous Hollywood actor Matt Damon.

Talk about the colonization of Mars began with the announcement in 2014 of a set of commands that will be sent to the red planet. From that moment on, regularly publish articles about various use cases of Mars and the development of variants of its surface. Ridley Scott has decided to pick up this trend and made the film a Martian, where he demonstrated his version of possible events.

The main events of the film «the Martian»is now available to download c that occur on Mars — this mysterious planet. The Director thought not only the plot of the film, but the costumes, the makeup, the atmosphere and realism of the environment, namely the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan was thus «Mars» which woke up the main character after the storm. Engineer and biologist, along with staff was on the planet with a mission «Ares-3» when the storm began as a result of which colleagues have lost sight of him and decided that he was dead — left the planet on the spaceship «Hermes».

When Watney found that he was wounded, the suit is damaged, and he was left alone on the entire planet… the space module was not damaged and fully functional. He had some stocks of food, water, vitamins, which have been designed for 30 days for the entire team — plus the mind of a Martian, don’t let him die. Mark — engineer-biologist had applied his knowledge began to grow potatoes and extract the water.

Keeping Watney daily video blog focused on all who will be interesting and the Mars mission «Ares-3», draws the viewer into the main character, as if mark were speaking directly to him. One on the red planet, where the next mission is scheduled only after 4 years. Depression and frustration would be comprehended by one person, but mark is not of the faint and his optimism and sense of humor will not let him fall into despair. Discipline, willpower, ingenuity and persistence are the main features of the Brand! They were the saving grace in the maelstrom created problems.

Communications with earth were interrupted, but based on the photos from Mars, NASA officials determine that mark Watney has survived and gives them to know about yourself. Despite the ban more than a team Brand decides to return to his colleague and friend. The finish on the way to a meeting with the team happened another trouble — cross-path is not the same need to make quick decisions. Here the coherence of thought team with the main character appeared and the decision was made that could destroy the Brand and the team…

Though almost the entire film was shot on playing one character, but nevertheless not a single episode is not tightened and not at all boring. Constant light tension and empathy for the main character accompanies the viewer in the movie. Age category 16+ is exaggerated and the film is quite possible to watch with children. Scientific terminology, as well as fiction (though the film and sci-Fi) is not too much — everything is clear and realistic shot. Scientific consultant of the film worked as an employee of NASA, who in the past worked as the head of the National center for the analysis of data for space studies James green, who said that the film is as true as can be true in fiction.

«The Martian«is a fun and exciting movie masterpiece gourmet.

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