«The little Prince» illustrations by Tatyana Kazmiruk

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Illustrator Tatyana Kazmiruk :

“Emotion, movement, heat and light Soul of state

which always live in my work»…

According to the artist, touching the eternal philosophical tale, she felt infinity and the length of the world and time on a sheet of paper. Story-tale has no end, it goes on in every reader who opens «the Little Prince» again.

She didn’t want the Little Prince saw her crying, it was a very proud flower.

– You know… will be very sad, it’s good to see the sun going down.

– Will you and the sunset. I demand that the sun went down. But first wait for favorable conditions, for such is the wisdom of the Governor


– I want to forget that I am ashamed, admitted drunk and hung his head. «So, without a doubt, the adults are very strange people,» thought he, continuing the way.

– What to do to make the hat come down? he asked.

But the conceited man did not hear. Vain the people deaf to anything but praise.

– Tonight it will be a year. My star will be just above that

the place where I fell a year ago


Information about the artist:

Tatyana kazmiruk-Illustrator of children’s books. Graduated from Animation school under the direction of Fyodor Khitruk. Worked as the animator, art Director. He studied at the Moscow Academy of Printing. Lives and works in Moscow. Is a member of the Moscow Union of artists (Department of book artists) and member of the Board for the children’s book RBBY.

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