The kitchen interior in the science of Feng Shui


In accordance with the science Feng Shui, the room in which the cooking and eating, represents well-being, prosperity, and health. How decorated the interior of the kitchen, you can judge how much mistress cares about herself and her family. Wittingly or unwittingly, help finish the kitchen woman shows respect to their domestic responsibilities. So do not ignore nonconventional methods of design of this room, as well as recommendations that give, the Feng Shui.

The importance of creating a harmonious home for Feng Shui

Just a few little touches can transform beyond recognition the usual room. Besides, if the interior of the kitchen space is furnished and decorated according to the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui, it promotes abundance, health and wealth. If you make mistakes in the design and violate the basic principles of development dictated by the concept of Feng Shui, will soon have to wonder what prosperity and well-being disappeared.

When the hosts and guests entering the house, immediately get into the kitchen, it’s not the best option. First, in this room it is difficult to constantly maintain perfect order and, therefore, the first impression may arise from the guests will be not the best. Second, all family members will often have to pass through the kitchen, thereby increasing the temptation to eat something. The ideal layout of the kitchen, not visible from the front door.

Kitchen room interior Feng Shui

Since few people have the opportunity to plan where it will be in a particular room, you have to think how to fix the status quo. For example, you can decorate the doorway curtains made of threads, beads or just beautiful lace curtains. If there’s a door that’s even better: it should as often as possible to keep closed. Specialists in Feng Shui recommend this technique: it is necessary to put in the room some bright furniture or item to the attention of the person that entered the house, was directed to this detail of the situation, and not on the interior of the kitchen area.

It is important that the kitchen is as small as possible angles, drops and exposed surfaces. In the kitchen as in the dining room, not recommended for floors at different levels, walls and ceilings, stairs, all kinds of niches, arches and catwalks. The same applies to massive objects hanging from the ceiling, such as chandeliers and lamps. Strong psychological discomfort cause the lighting elements located directly over the dining table. You should also not place him above the picture, cupboards with kitchen utensils and other massive objects. If you decide to buy a dining table , it must be sustainable and reliable, preferably made of wood.

Design kitchen apron, mirrored tiles is also not the best option. When a person constantly sees his reflection broken into separate parts, it causes anxiety, and gradually in the subconscious strengthens the idea of a «broken» life.

The color scheme of the kitchen

According to the concept of Feng Shui for kitchen design less suited to red because it promotes differences and disputes. It is recommended to give preference to lighter shades such as beige, pale green, blue, white, light brown. When it was time to buy a kitchen from the manufacturer in Yekaterinburg, you should when choosing to follow the rules of Feng Shui and try to bring your living space to harmonious. Textiles in the kitchen should not interfere with and be close to the cooking surface. Bright translucent fabric, repeat paint sunset sky, relax residents and guests, create pleasant atmosphere for relaxation.

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