The kitchen interior design

How to make a kitchen interior design

In our days you can find many design ideas for design a modern kitchen. After all, kitchen is the room where we prepare and eat food. Gather here for family dinners or Sunday Lunches. Therefore, the design of a kitchen should accentuate the character of the mistress of the house and create all conditions for a pleasant time in this room all family members. The main kitchen is convenience and functionality. Most modern kitchens to meet these requirements. Nowadays rapid development of new technology and develop advanced tools and equipment to help Housewives.

Awkward bulky furniture is gone. On the upgraded and roomy multipurpose headset where you can store not only kitchen utensils but also blends harmoniously with household appliances (food processor, juicer, steamer and others). Every inch of the kitchen as involved and divided into zones, for example, a cooking area, food storage, cleaning, etc. All the items are placed in such places where they are most convenient to take for use. Soft kitchen has to rest after a meal, in a relaxed atmosphere in the morning you can have Breakfast, drink a Cup of coffee and reading a magazine, and in the evening over dinner to discuss pressing issues. Practical tables-transformers and design chairs for kitchen can save space and make the kitchen more attractive. But the kitchen should be not only comfortable, but also look aesthetically pleasing.

Proper preparation promotes good mood, inspires an owner for creative works of culinary art. The greater comfort and aesthetics, the more one wants to please their loved ones delicious meals and dessert delights. The style of cuisine may be different, however, it needs to please not only the owner but all members of the family. Bold design kitchen interior in the style of «high-tech», which underlines the modernity and innovation of ideas. However, the most popular is the classic style with a modern twist.

Color palette – from the familiar to the unexpected bright shades of red, dark blue, or a combination of black and white, brown with beige, blue and other. For kitchens small area more suited to the bright colors of the walls and ceiling in harmony with the color of the furniture. We must remember that dark colors visually reduce the space, but in combination with bright colors, it can give a certain charm, if used in reasonable proportions. Very important point is the proper lighting kitchen. In addition to the Central chandelier, each working zone should take care of additional lighting.

The best option – multi-level lighting. A good solution could be dimming the General lighting. The chandelier in the center of the ceiling must be designed for soft lighting throughout the kitchen space. Spotlights positioned evenly around the perimeter of the ceiling create a pleasant homely atmosphere.

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