The interior room in a private home — decorating tips

The interior room in a private home - decorating tips

The interior room in a private home is very important. As you know, every hall, whether it is in an apartment or in a private home designed for entertaining. Accordingly, it is necessary to issue tastefully and guests it was a pleasure here to invite themselves to snuggle with the whole family at the TV screen.

Being a shared room, the living room is considered the «face» of the house, its interior should symbolize the tastes and preferences of owners. The selected style must be suitable for the design of all buildings and to emphasize the characteristics of the residents.

However, in order to impress guests, the living room decorate in the best way given the current design methods to this room was cozy, comfortable, for all households, and for visitors to the house. Here, usually, placing cozy sofas and armchairs, a large table or coffee table.

Today there are many new trends style decisions when making design living rooms. One of the most popular can be considered a classic style.

Classic – always been in fashion, it is suitable for people of different generations, giving the house a more severe tone. But modern designers have turned this style is solemn and noble, emphasizes the stern features of the house owners in a new direction.

So, the classical style meet symmetry, crisp lines, understated tones. Everything should be in one color: monochromatic Wallpaper, high-quality furniture made of natural material.

Classic does not like the diversity of colors, so even decorative items must not violate stylistic motifs: simple shape, practical combination of colors and nothing more.

Windows can ennoble velvet curtains or heavy curtain to match the overall color scheme. Floors – parquet, light the ceiling can be decorated with stucco. Looks good ornament under the ceiling or on the floor.

Walls can be decorated with paintings, but you need to study the rules of registration of premises paintings and to choose their location.

The combination of traditional and the latest technology in the interior make the room more modern.

An indispensable attribute of any living room is a TV and comfortable furniture – modern sofa. In the room put a coffee table for tea, combined with a pleasant viewing of programmes on TV that does not have to be fixed along the wall.

Of great importance is the chandelier. It should reflect the richness of the decoration of the room. Suitable large crystal chandelier with pendants in the center of the ceiling, and also on the walls you can hang lights in a candle or place a floor lamp with velvet shade.

Modern equipment installed on shelves or a niche without breaking the harmony of classic lines. Looks great, neat shelves with books that provide the rigor of the living room.

Designers are advised before planning a living room design, is to discuss all the details with the household, all expressed their opinion about the decoration of the room. Adhering to the chosen direction, it is desirable to take into account the wishes of all family members or to find a compromise solution.

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