The interior of the nursery for the friends of Harry Potter

The interior of the nursery for the friends of Harry Potter

The interior of the nursery for the friends of Harry Potter, today, very popular. Many parents of today’s kids, when they were teenagers, enthusiastically read books about Harry Potter, anxiously awaited the release of each new episode of movies on these books, and, of course, themselves wanted to study at the school of witchcraft and wizardry Hogwarts. Becoming a father man, in a sense, returns to his own childhood. He wants to give your child the romance, a tale which he dreamed of in childhood and adolescence. In part, this can be done with the interior.

Transforms child’s room in Hogwarts

The nursery can be arranged so that it may seem like one of the premises of Hogwarts.

For the interior in fabulous style , it is desirable to simulate the brickwork of the walls of the old castle. This can be done after finishing the drywall, causing wall relief plaster and perform artistic painting any water-based paints. Such paints are completely safe for health of the child.

To make the child window in the Gothic style required for the interior, will help the curtains, sewn on the customer’s sketch. They can be brocade or velvet. Will be appropriate as a fringe and brushes. The pattern of heraldic animals, and even better – the coat of arms of Hogwarts school or one of its departments, will create the necessary atmosphere.

The lighting is better to choose wall – in the form of torches appropriate to the Gothic castle. If you need a ceiling lamp would look lovely chandelier with multiple bulbs. Simulate candle that recalls the magical ceiling of the main hall of the school of magic.

Something to decorate the nursery?

Will look interesting in the interior are paintings on subjects from the books about Harry Potter, decorated frames of gold-plated wide baguette. One of the most striking parts can be artificially aged mirror height from floor to ceiling in a Gothic frame.

If the mother of the child for which you created the interiors, loves to embroider, you can add interior knitted things, reminiscent of Ron Weasley and his mother, the sorceress. In the interior can contain long scarf colors of the beloved faculty of the school of witchcraft and wizardry, robe with the emblem of the faculty of distribution and even the famous hat. If all this is hard to do with your hands, you should contact a specialized Internet websites which sells a variety of accessories in the style of Harry Potter. Great. Tasteful details can make a real nursery fairy-tale world, which parents give to their beloved child.

Harry Potter and game about fairies will appeal to all fans of the Saga by JK Rowling.

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