The interior of the library for lovers of the printed edition

The interior of the library for lovers of the printed edition

The interior of the library is created specially for lovers of the printed edition. In fact, although the Internet has occupied a large place in our modern life, still many book lovers prefer printed books rather than electronic format. How nice to hear a rustling in the books, inhaling their smell. And storage of books in the house need special storage or library.

In the past, a library was a luxury. Currently, it can boast of only rich people. It is not enough just to have a couple hundred books, it is important to have a place where they are kept. In this library are designed to fit into the interior of the house or room. There are various original holders, fancy cabinets, where the world’s best sellers you can arrange alphabetically, by genre, by belonging to a certain country or even by color.

The library can be arranged depending on how much place to allocate a landlord or home. It is possible to organize an entire room into a library? That’s good. If the angle is in a room that also serves as a living room or bedroom? That’s fine too. It all depends on the opportunities.

If this is the case of limited space, we apply ingenuity. Place the book near the heating pipes, beautiful and was decorated with it. So you can save space and also hide the communication. If you have a two-story house, organize the library under the staircase.

In addition to selecting the interior for the library, it is important to select the lighting. Indeed, the presence of the library is not only good books but also the predominance in the house of the one who is going to read them. And where to do it, not in the library? That’s why there need good lighting.

As a rule, read in the light of day (Think the elderly). But you can put a fluorescent light. Therefore, if there is no opportunity in the library to make a window, let it be at least a lamp. You can screw the turning lights that can be directed where it is needed. To make it even cozier, in addition to the installation of light shelves and still think about the paintings.

Now select the furniture for the library. This is usually a bookcase that has glass. In any room it will look original. The main thing to consider, what are his dimensions. So the designers have some work to do.

You can, after all, put books around the TV or fireplace. But most importantly, remember that for the library in addition to the Cabinet it is important the presence of the sofa or chair, to have a place where to sit while reading.

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