The interior of the kitchen in a spring — style decor with their hands

The interior of the kitchen in a spring - style decor with their hands

The interior of the kitchen in the spring style will bring warmth and joy into your home. Here are some simple techniques that will help to create a light, spring feeling with small, seemingly insignificant details.

Autumn decor curtains

In order to give your home a spring mood, feel, around, spread freshness and lightness, filling the spring spirit, open the way to the sun, its rays, which are looking for this way. This task will help you cope pure, unencumbered Windows. To make it easier for them, wash the Windows from dust and dirt, clean out the wardrobe blackout curtains, helping out in the winter. Now the tulle is enough, and it will not interfere with the sun to illuminate your home. If you like to sleep in the morning, with the help of the blinds.

Your apartment is not on the top floor? If not, you should hang the curtain of light material, pattern large flower. In the daytime they can spread out. You can also use curtains yellow, green, sky-blue color, they will also help to freshen the interior of the kitchen, force him to play with new colors. If the kitchen window looking to the North, the curtains should be orange, if to the South – yellow.

If the main color in the design of the kitchen walls is a very bright shade, blinds on the Windows must be very bright in shade and light on feeling, irrespective of the side light, which leaves a review. Thus, shades of the walls and curtains as if to counterbalance each other. Moreover, with the help of this technique, the space of the kitchen as if to visually increase.

To give the kitchen a spring style is especially useful commitment to a reasonable minimalism, as more space will be freed and will become like air. This air is one of the components of the spring mood. Remove all the things that are not used regularly, to the pantry, Cabinet or on the mezzanine. Find and keep looking for new combinations of already familiar, Il.

Blue and blue

The most recognized spring flowers, the shades of green, blue and yellow colors. Try to use them in the kitchen and they turn it. For example, these colors can add the design of the kitchen by painting the walls with accessories, furniture facades and other things. It is worth to consider ordering both expensive and cheap meals in Moscow and any other city.

For other rooms are also suitable bright colors for the bedroom use soft pink and light purple, for the child is appropriate Golden emerald. Designers are advised to use paint instead of Wallpaper, so you can get a more interesting play of colors and shades, and saturation of color and visual depth.


Clothing is also better to upgrade. This will give an additional spring feeling. This is especially true of clothing furniture. Adjust furniture covers, blankets, tablecloths, bedspreads, rugs (and other things) a winter on things more fun, summer theme. The walls also lead some summer photos, pictures that convey the holiday mood.


Bright flowers in pots on window sills contribute to a very spring mood. Especially in the spring many flowers, room, including entering into the time of flowering.

All this together will help you feel the wonderful feeling of spring.

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