The interior of the apartment in Miami

The interior of the apartment in Miami

The interior of the apartment in Miami was created by designer Michael Wolk. This apartment belongs to a young couple who hired a designer to ensure that he fully repaired and created for them a comfortable home. The result was the magnificent interior of the apartment in Miami beach, which you’ll see later.

Presented apartment, on which he worked Michael is located on the eleventh floor of a skyscraper that was built in the shape of a round tower. It is one of the elite areas of Miami, next to elegant mansions. The Windows offer a great view of one of the most picturesque bays of the city, the ocean and the beach. This was the starting point for the designer Michael Wolk to develop the concept of the interior. For the interior of this apartment is characterized by the use of mirrored and reflective surfaces, which creates a three-dimensional space.

Simple geometric shapes and straight lines of minimalism allowed the author to create an interior in which the main emphasis is made on the outside world. Interior decoration of the apartment is in harmony with the seascape outside the window. Here you will not find paintings or decorations on the walls. The huge Windows were able to replace them. The natural colors of furniture and accessories give the impression that you are on the coast, hiding the real distance. Despite its apparent simplicity, the design is executed flawlessly. There is nothing superfluous, but to complement it there is no desire.

Such decisions of interior design of apartments it is possible to use not only in Miami. For example, Capital-Stroy – Sale of apartments from the Builder, located in a green area, also can apply a similar solution. Using the view from the window as a decorative element, it is possible to obtain a vivid picture that will vary in accordance with the change of seasons.

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