The interior in the style of the pop art explosion of colors in your home

The interior in the style of the pop art explosion of colors in your home

The interior in pop art style – a combination of bright and colorful color combinations and new interpretations of already existing forms, materials and objects. Originated in the art world of the sixties, the pop art style spread to interior design. The hallmark of this style began with Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and advertising illustrations Campbell soup and Coca-Cola.

Premises and details of pop art style

Making housing in accordance with the requirements of the style pop art, you must have large rooms. If the room is small in size, you can arrange a lighter version of the style, adorning it with characteristic bright interesting with a lot of details , which in this style quite a lot. Pop art is characterized by the use of recurring motifs: paintings and prints, tile and carpet. You can use colorful textiles, the colors that resonate in the overall color scheme of the room. Picture frames, plastic figurines, lamps and clocks will give the interior in pop art style look complete. By the way, cedroarte you can order your portrait in the pop art style, which perfectly complement the interior of your home.

Furniture in pop art style

Here will be very useful extraordinary furniture that is highlighted on the General background, image comics, graffiti, celebrities or female silhouette. The sofa and chairs preferably rounded shapes, they fit a coffee table with a glossy finish and a lush puffs. Wardrobe is better to build a wall or use the wardrobe. For the whole furniture is characterized by the compulsory presence of flashy colors, abstract paintings, plastics and glazed surfaces.

For the pop art is characterized by bright acid colors. Main color – white. Acceptable pastel shades. Comparison of bold flashy colors opposite to each other.

The ceiling and floor

The floor is made mostly in neutral colours to keep the attention focused on the General interior. Laminate flooring and carpet are great options. As carpet will suit faux leather tiger or Zebra. The ceiling may be suspended or suspended.


Plastic is the favorite material of the pop art style. He became the favorite of the destinations with a variety of colors and low cost. Also widely used tile or ceramic tile which is suitable for office and residential premises. You can combine materials that would bring the interior to pop art, as the combination of materials of different textures is one of the striking features of this area.

Loud colors and emotional decor pop art best fits into the living room. One or two walls can be decorated in white, the rest painted in bright colors and decorated with posters, comics, anime, graffiti. The quality of pictures you can take images of movie stars, musicians, political figures and even your own photos.

Rounded chairs and soft sofa, plastic table, pillows with contrasting colors, shelves, curtains with patterns, echoing the General background of the room, various ashtrays, vases, frames – all this furniture and colorful details bring the room outrageous pop-art atmosphere.

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