The interior in the Japanese style — features and characteristics

The interior in the Japanese style - features and characteristics

The interior in the Japanese style today, you can find quite often. In modern European countries, there is increasing interest in the culture of the country of the rising sun. Besides, in Western countries is considered to be very popular, as for the East, especially Japan. Japan represents the original, mysterious country, culture and traditions which are keeping pace with the times and with technological progress.

Japanese interior in modern apartments is very popular. This kind of style of interior design is characterized by elegance, simple, functional and unusual solutions to problems. In addition, the design of the interior in the Japanese style will protect you from the negative factors of the environment: at the entrance to the apartment to close the door behind him and blocked all odds the way to you.

Traditionally in a Japanese house has no walls: the natural landscape is a natural continuation of the interior design. Inside a Japanese home there are no partitions that divide it into rooms – they are replaced by a special zone that have different functions. One zone is separated from the other with screens, curtains, variations in floor level and other ways. All of this can be seen in the modern Japanese style. Screens and curtains make the room simple, transparent and easy. Can move the screen from place to place every day is generally not difficult, so you will have the opportunity to make a change in your interior.

In Japanese aesthetics there is the principle of «all superfluous ugly». The basis of the Japanese style in the interior feel the emptiness emphasizes the refinement on the inside. Japanese style fundamentally minimalist – Japanese-house should be only the most necessary household items. All the excess has to be stored in the closets.

Household items must be different not only for its practicality and reliability, but also a beautiful aesthetic appearance. Every thing in the Japanese interior unique.

Another important principle of Japanese style in the interior is considered to be harmony with nature.

Natural beauty – the essence of the Japanese philosophy. The interior in Japanese style is rich with warm color tones. All household items made of natural materials: rough bricks, straw, bamboo, wood, etc. the Japanese house is crawling with a special atmosphere that promotes calm and rest from the world.

An important piece of Japanese interior design is lighting. Japanese house is not dark. The lighting should highlight the uniqueness and need a few interior items.

The apartment is decorated in accordance with the principles of the Japanese style, says that its owner – a wise man that defies the everyday hustle and bustle of the surrounding world, which in ordinary everyday things can see the beauty and admire it. However, this style does not fit all. The man who cannot imagine his life without the modern urban hustle and bustle, it will be difficult to be in the house, the atmosphere of which is filled with air and light.

I suggest you consider a few examples of classic Japanese interior. Perhaps these photos come across you on their own interpretation of Japanese style to a modern interior.

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