The ideas of Neoclassicism in the interior of a house

The ideas of Neoclassicism in the interior of a house

A competent person will never blindly follow fashion. But if trends directly relate to our daily lives, without trying for yourself not to manage. In this article, take a look at the fashion style called «neo-classicism» and decide for your interior design ideas.

As you know, «all new – well forgotten old». This statement describes well the trend in culture and in architecture in particular. The cyclical nature of interior design periodically dictates a classic style. And this makes sense, because returning to the sample is always relevant. Given the time and his adjustments to the name of the style is most often added particle «neo». So, neo-classicism, rooted in the modern in the twenty-first century looks solemn and ambitious, but at the same time rationally and without unnecessary frills.

The history of Neoclassicism

Neoclassicism is called the direction in art, reports the motives of antiquity, the Renaissance, and in fact classics.

One of the impetus for its development began excavations of the ancient city of Pompeii. Found items have great interest to antique culture. This is subsequently reflected in the decor of the rooms, in the mythical paintings, vases and statues. Over time, the style invaded Europe, thanks to the clean lines and solemnity of the images.

In Russia the fashion on «the right architecture» brought Peter the great, sends his architects to study in Italy.

And even in America one can trace the tide of Neoclassicism in such monumental constructions as the Capitol and the White House.

The revival of Neoclassicism

The next wave of Neoclassicism appeared in the early twentieth century, when the pall luxury art Nouveau gave way to the restrained architecture.

In the Soviet Union after the «Stalinist constructivism» is increasingly appearing building with columns and a simple stucco resonate with neo-classicism.

And in the beginning of the XXI century, the idea of this style is embraced not only architecture but also interior. And more and more people are turning to it trends. It is quite clear, discreet and at the same time grandiose neo-classical style is an international system that is always fashionable, thanks to its exemplary.

The ideas of Neoclassicism in the interior

Making your house in the neoclassical style, pay due attention to the living room. Decorate it with one or more columns, which can simultaneously perform the function of zoning. A characteristic feature of the style is the high ceiling. Take care of this at the stage of construction of the house. On the ceiling will look good traditional ornament. Completeness of style will give moldings in the form of medallions, friezes and statues.

Do not forget about pictures and photos. To harmoniously place them on the wall, you can photograph them and create a collage in the online Appendix. So, you can pick up the most winning combination.

Choose furniture according to the desired style is not difficult, as many factories now offer the entire collection of «classic». Some items are generally made on samples of antique. And some there are elements which interface with it.

As for materials, it is traditionally granite, marble and travertine. In the colors best to stick with light colors, but bright saturated accents are also possible.

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