The hunger games 2 — suits for the film

The hunger games 2 - suits for the film

The movie «Hunger games 2» is also named «the Hunger games: catching fire». This film is based on the book of a fantastic trilogy of the same name novel by American writer Susan Collins. The company Lionsgate has announced that «the Hunger games 2» will be released on the big screen in November 2013. Today we can admire the wonderful costumes of his characters.

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Future fashion film the Hunger games 2

In the movie «Hunger games 2» we will see the continuing adventures of Katniss Everdeen and peeta mellark, who won the brutal reality show, which was shown in the first part. This time, they will become participants of the Quarter quell — the hunger games, which are held by the government of Panem every 25 years.

The first part of «the hunger games» is especially remembered by the audience beautiful costumes and makeup of the residents of the Capitol, which was created by costume designer Julian Makowski. In the movie «the Hunger games: catching fire» we are waiting for another piece of design work. At this time, created the costumes, trish Summerville.

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