The history of travel and tourism

The history of travel

The history of travel and tourism starts with the development of civilization. The first mention of travelling belong to the Babylonian and Roman empires. In India travel existed to consolidate power, honor and respect to the king. In Greece, these activities were carried out with the aim of visiting sites where the ongoing healing of the gods. These areas include many archaeological monuments. For example, the famous Parthenon temple. Herodotus in the history is the first writer of guidebooks. The first manuscript described the cities as Athens, Sparta and Troy. Began to appear signs.

The Roman Empire

When there are no borders from England to Syria, travel became much easier. Also reduced the danger to meet the enemy on its way. Begin to appear the first road residence. In our time we call them hotels. Here also you can relax and eat before a long journey. Near Rome begin to appear special companies. It was giving for the wealthy. Now we would call them resorts. Travel and tourism began to reach a new level and to gain popularity among the common people.

In those days travel was extremely dangerous. Cartography was developed not so much. It is therefore very much increased the probability of your enemy or the enemy. But, if there were some travel long distances, they had only an industrial or commercial character. For example, travel to Africa in search of India and America. Ordinary travel for the sake of his own pleasure was wildness.

The Grand tour

In the first half of the seventeenth century came into fashion a new kind of journey. History says that it was approved by the Queen of England Elizabeth the First. It was called the Grand tour. Its essence consisted in the following. Young people who dreamed and aspired to become lawyers, it was suggested studying abroad for a period of three years. By the end of the eighteenth century, such travel for training have become commonplace. During the time of Napoleon, their term was extended to thirty years.

Time passed, and with them has varied and people. There were new methods and types of travel. People have discovered new lands. Their discoveries have inspired people to journey to the unexplored corners. Today travel is available to everyone. You can get a tent and equipment, travel to buy the flashlights, stock up on food and Hiking. Those who like comfort, go to sea cruises or fly planes anywhere in the world. You can travel along with the heroes of numerous television programs about tourism or on the pages of blogs kept by other travelers. Everything is in your hands!

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