The furniture in the Provence style — selection rules

furniture in Provence style

Today the style of «Provence» is one of the most popular. Its soft lines, pastel colors and noble materials, conquered all connoisseurs. The furniture is in Provence style , it is important to choose in accordance with certain requirements, which we describe in this article.The fashionable style of Provence came to us from France. It is in this beautiful country people prefer natural wood, lavender, beautiful textiles and pastel colours. Read more about products later in the article.

Wonderful merits of products

The furniture is in Provence style has numerous advantages.

  • First, she looks beautiful and noble. Today is created a whole line of products with the effect of «antiquity». So designers work to visually age furniture. As a result, these products fill the house with a special charm, which is not typical of other styles. To buy furniture in Provence style in our online store. We feature a wide selection of products at affordable prices.
  • Second, almost all products in this style is made of natural wood. The preference for lighter species. Of course, if necessary it can be painted. It is worth noting that the array is very often combined with forged elements. The natural texture definitely emphasize the varnish, or wax medium. In some cases, the use of special colors with a slight burnout effect. One gets the impression that the furniture stood for a long time under a hot sun, somewhere in a French field among blooming lavender.
  • Thirdly, for the decoration of furniture used beautiful carving, expensive hardware and more. These products will never look boring or trivial. Based on them are the most unusual interiors. Among the characteristic features of style of Provence are:
    • the most natural structure;
    • bright colors;
    • unusual decorative elements.

Furniture Provence can be expensive to buy in the online stores. Even for a small cost you can purchase beautiful items that will be perfect addition to your home.

To create an exclusive interior design at home

White furniture in Provence style will help to create the perfect bedroom which will contribute to your comfort and relaxation. Besides, the white color blends with other colors. Similar designs looks perfect with mirrors and plenty of light sources. In addition, it is light shades always increase the room visually.

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