The frame house on screw Foundation

The frame house on screw Foundation

In recent years, Russia has increasingly found individual buildings and entire towns, built on a special frame technology. Cottages can be «expelled» in a very short time, while the final consumer is the cost of such housing. The frame house on screw piles can be built in any climate zone, regardless of the time of year and the complexity of the entrance to the selected station.

Advantages the combination of a screw base and frame technology

The average term of construction of one cottage frame method does not exceed six weeks. Installation of screw piles for the Foundation is able to further reduce this period. This technology does not involve the use of numerous specialized equipment does not require leveling of the site and sampling soil. Also don’t need to wait until settles and hardens concrete Foundation. Binding screw piles can be carried out using conventional strips or using the channel technology.

The scaffold structure is mounted on the perimeter of the Foundation, he will be the supporting backbone of all future home. Length of screw piles can be any, so they can be used for the construction of garages, fences, selkhozstroi, greenhouses and many other types of buildings. The internal layout of frame houses do not depend on the model of the project, so to build a house on any site in any region. To cons of screw piles include:

  • Need to handle support against the effects of moisture and the appearance of rye. Installation of metal structures is always associated with a risk of corrosion, so the piles are necessarily treated with special means. This is especially true of construction in areas with high soil moisture.
  • The inability to build a high-rise building. Even the most rugged screw piles can not withstand the multi-storey building, which, incidentally, concerns and frame technology.

Despite some shortcomings, screw bearings have a lot of advantages. The cost of construction of frame houses on these piles is reduced by 30-33% without loss of quality of the Foundation. The design of screw piles allows to dismantle it from the ground if necessary, so this technology is convenient to use for temporary construction and regularly transported buildings.

These supports increase the stability of buildings in seismically active areas and allows to work on all types of soils. If we are talking about the construction of wooden log cabins, the use of screw piles is a great way to save more on the materials of the walls. The first row of logs can be attached directly to these metal rods supports. Screw piles manually or using special equipment, so the use of such a material is advantageous even for small crews and private construction.

The construction of the helical Foundation

Project architects perform the calculation of the number of screw piles and their location on the object. At this stage, is determined by the future load on the Foundation and corresponding to the selected type of support, depending on the soil at the site. The layout of the site takes from several hours to one working shift, this period affects the size of the structure. Installation of metal structures, namely, the indentation of the supports in the ground takes 1-3 days.

Next, the piles are cut and aligned in height to the desired level. To increase the resistance and countering possible biases is the procedure of strapping. There are two options for strapping of screw piles: logs and with the help of channels. If you choose the second way, is to purchase a special area with headroom, which is in the range of the plant «Kronverk». To enhance the strength of the Foundation, pillars were concreted. All weld areas and each metal piece of the future house necessarily processed by anti-corrosion agents.

Metal screw piles may have different types of tips. They are chosen depending on the soil type, which will have to work. For stony soils needed piles with small blades, and for sandy and waterlogged – large tips. The best option for the price and quality are considered to be a combination of screw piles with alnaimi lugs, welded to the rods-tubes of high-alloy steels.

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