The Foundation: principles of bookmark

The Foundation: principles of bookmark

Foundation — the Foundation of a house, its bones, and how well it is delivered, and will depend on the welfare structure. Often making a visit to a construction company, the client can vaguely imagine how it will look in the Foundation. And the question is, what type of Foundation you want to book, the client throws up his hands in surprise. On the other hand, the customer does not necessarily know and understand the existing types of this initial phase of housing construction. And yet, knowing the types of foundations and how they fill, you can avoid common mistakes, while saving you a ton of Finance.

The purpose of the Foundation in the construction

It is clear that the Foundation should protect the country house from moisture, groundwater, and if it is filled incorrectly, this can have serious consequences. The tightly closed door, crossed the veranda with a porch, building subsidence, cracks on the walls – and that’s not the whole list of possible problems after the construction of the building. It all depends on the Bank you will need to pay for repair work at home. But this rate is not 15% of all funds that would be needed to correct the statement of the Foundation, and more than 50% on a large refurbishment just built the house.

There are quite a few nuances when laying the Foundation given that it is possible to avoid a lot of trouble in the future:

  • To determine the type of soil in the area where the place chosen for the staging of the house.
  • To consider and predict the load of the building frame on the ground and the Foundation.
  • We need knowledge, how many centimeters is frozen soil.
  • You need to find out about groundwater, namely, at what depth they are located.

Types of Foundation

Distinguished in the construction of the following types of Foundation:

  • tile or block;
  • columnar or pile (read more here resforbuild/metall);
  • tape.

Type of Foundation is selected depending on the particular case. When designing the Foundation of the house consider to what depth will be added to the Foundation, as well as its size. In addition to the above nuances of laying the Foundation of a building, taking into account the properties and parameters of the housing. The choice of type of Foundation always depends on the size and weight of the building, the absence or presence of a basement, ground floor.

Knowing all the details of a particular type of Foundation, all the features of its fill, it is safe to say that half the work is already done. After waiting the necessary time needed for the subsidence of the soil under the Foundation, you can start building the frames for the walls of the building.

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