The Foundation for the house — the beginning of any construction

The Foundation for the house - the beginning of any construction 9

In order for the house was strong and beautiful, it is necessary to make the right Foundation. The Foundation for the house can be different – strip, sand, or columnar. However, before you make the Foundationyou have to consider what kind of building materials will be built your future home. Also, it is worth considering the weight of the material.

Types of foundations

According to experts, more common is a tape type of Foundation. However, this type of Foundation is used for areas in which a large basement. This kind of a Foundation on the basis of a mixture of cement, bricks and rebar. It is important not to forget about the drainage of the house Foundation to avoid flooding in the future.

As to sand Foundation, it is not reliable enough, because with very deep bedding can manifest Selina. When sandy Foundation fill sand with a thickness of about fifteen centimeters. Then, a layer of sand to pour the water. A mound of sand make three or four layers, depending on the depth of the Foundation. The top layer of the Foundation poured crushed brick, all poured with cement mortar.

If in the village, where there will be construction all of the cold weather, then use the pier Foundation. It is made of concrete pillars and blocks.

Before proceeding to the Foundation, it is necessary to choose the appropriate treatment area. It should be smooth. In addition, near future home should not be reservoirs, otherwise the Foundation will begin to deform.

On the plot, to build a houseon the perimeter need to make a layout. Then, by marking dig a trench. The depth of the trench should be equal to more than half a meter. After the trench is dug, you need to make a sand pillow. The sand layer should be compacted and then cover with water.

Then make the formwork for pouring the Foundation. As formwork is well suited conventional Board with a width of ten centimeters. However, if the Foundation will be higher of course and formwork should be of other sizes.

Further used for reinforcement of the Foundation. In this case, use conventional fittings. Attach the rebar by welding or wire.

Then the Foundation is poured cement. As soon as the mortar starts to set, put up material for waterproofing. Also, during the laying of the Foundation need to consider ventilation.

Upon completion of the work, it is possible to make the waterproofing. To do this, use or ruberoid, or special material for insulation.

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