The fireplace is warm and cozy in your home

The fireplace is warm and cozy in your home

The fireplace is warm and cozy in your home!. Until recently, it seemed that the fireplace sunk in the summer and nothing can undermine the authority of the Central heating, but in reality everything turned out differently. The beauty and attractiveness of the hearth managed to win all their high-tech competitors!

Quiet, dark, winter, frosty evening. Outside the window a soft, large fluffy pieces of cotton candy, snow falls on shaggy spruce and wrapped a white blanket the earth. In a small cozy wooden house pleasant shade and a warm red light coming from a beautiful fireplace, which is chilly pressed big and fat as a Hippo with a sofa. Probably everyone would like to have in a quiet secluded area where you can relax with a Cup of something fragrant after a busy day. So what lures us in this ordinary at first glance, the picture? Most likely it is not the lack of people and the snowfall outside the window of a wooden house, and not a huge old sofa, standing alone against the wall. Our attention attracts hearth, with red, infused, hypnotic flame you can watch forever. Not every home can boast of such cozy, homey, warm place.

Let’s see, that brings with it in our house fire. First of all, this unique atmosphere of prehistory when the first humans first learned to make fire, felt its warmth, and attraction. This ancient instinct beckons us to the fire. And no matter how decorated the whole house, a favorite gathering place will always be room with fireplace. And want to get out of the bedroom, which is safe, warm, inviting fire? Long been known that heals the fire that purifies and leads even the most complicated thoughts in order. And who could refuse the opportunity to establish himself in the house such a lovely, calming and collects near a whole family, piece of furniture?

Majestic, hot, passionate, attractive and charming, you can just list goes, these fireplaces offers a campaign for «Prometheus». A variety of types, forms and places of installation of cladding materials and functions. Own production campaign such irreplaceable for cottages and villas of domestic hearths, allows to make products of the highest quality, with which the furnaces and facings, and a lot of them.

Many important role in the installation of fire play supplies for a comfortable, and most importantly, the safe use of the fireplace. Drovnitsy, grills, hooks, brackets, pokers and shovels, and much more, chosen according to style – all this allows us to offer our own production.

Buying fireplaces wholesale in «Prometheus» You can always count on a nice price, discounts, bonuses, terms of delivery, the choice and excellent quality.

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