The film «the Counselor» from Ridley Scott

The film

The film «the Counselor» tells the story of an experienced lawyer who knows all the loopholes in the laws and can use them to their advantage. It has a sweetheart named Laura that he was going to propose. We can say that life is familiar, but at one point everything collapses.

EA decided out of curiosity and the desire to earn easy money to take part in risky and dangerous business. We are talking about transportation from Mexico to the States of large quantities of drugs. The man is discussing the whole thing with his old friend Rainer, who warns him that nothing good is not over.

And so it happened as the van, which transported drugs, was attacked, and the whole party has been kidnapped and it is clear that the cartel comes to the conclusion that this is all the handiwork of EA, which plays a big and decided to take a chance. The fact is that coincidences do happen, but these guys haven’t seen them yet, and no joke.

And now, the main character in mortal danger because he was framed, and now chasing him and the cartel. It also turns out who is behind all this and the truth may surprise the viewer. What will end this tense crime story?

What to expect from this picture? It should be noted that immediately after the premiere the film received mixed reviews, which were quite contradictory. Some called the new film of Ridley Scott’s masterpieces, and the second – biggest disappointment of the year. What is the truth?

Can tell my personal opinion about this picture «Advisor», which I watched on ivi/watch/103303/description. As for me, the movie was good and his main problem is with audience expectations. Previous film Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy set a very high bar, which this time could not have been exceeded. Personally, I like the work of Ridley Scott, because this is an experienced filmmaker saw life and knows what a good movie. His picture «Gladiator» has become reviewed, and the film «the Martian» was recently added to the piggy Bank to your beloved. But in the case of «Advisor» it is not so, because I had some expectations and some sense of mild frustration and yet the film has a number of advantages.

The film «the Counselor» has everything to please the audience. Wonderful cast, needless to say, if there starred Hollywood stars in minor and major roles. Interesting plot are also provided, as well as the passions and dramatic denouement. The film looks at one breath, he once again shows how dangerous it can be insatiable human greed and the consequences it brings.

Director: Ridley Scott

Writer: Cormac McCarthy

Main actors: Michael Fassbender starred (Counselor), Penelope Cruz played his beloved Laura, and Cameron Diaz (Malkina), an eccentric Javier Bardem (Reiner) and the gorgeous brad pitt (Westray).

Genre: Thriller, drama

Duration: 117 minutes

Release year: 2011

Country: USA, UK

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