The figure after childbirth — recovery

The figure after childbirth - recovery

It is believed that there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. Yes, she is definitely beautiful. But being in this beautiful state, with a woman’s body occur, natural processes that are not happy with your results. To overshadow the joy of motherhood can plump figure after childbirth, fold on the belly that remains after childbirth, stretch marks on the body.

How to regain your figure?

Of course, immediately after the long-awaited event, very few people manage to restore the figures again to be attractive for a man, first and foremost for yourself. Women are concerned the question is not only how to regain the figure, but also to save the result.

Performing physical exercise does not begin earlier than the month after the child was born, as the recovery period of the female body is just beginning. A strict diet is also contraindicated because the body needs enough energy to care, first and foremost, feeding the baby.

In the process of rebuilding the pieces you need to follow some rules. Perseverance and confidence will surely lead to the result which is wished by the woman.

Proper nutrition after giving birth

First, it is very important to adjust the diet. The organism of the woman recently gave birth to a child, is in dire need of additional energy. However, this does not mean that you need to overeat. Well-organized treatment consists of Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Products should be as rich in vitamins, fats, proteins, trace elements and also to be easily digestible. You should not eat large portions, it is desirable to abandon snacking. Sufficient water, the priority in this matter. Preferably get a scale and three times a week to control the process of weight loss.

Physical activity after childbirth

Changing the process of supply can commence exercise. Actions should be aimed at restoring the muscle tone of the abdomen, buttocks, Breasts, thighs.

The simplest thing may afford a woman is walking in the fresh air. Moderate walking copes with the extra calories and strengthens the muscles of the legs and body as a whole.

It is useful at this stage will be running, jumping rope, exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Sit-UPS also do an excellent job of modeling the body. It is advisable to conduct classes 3-4 times a week for 15-25 minutes. If a woman can afford to go to the pool, do not give up this opportunity.

Swimming well is struggling with obesity and promotes the restorative process of all muscle groups. Doing sports, we should not forget about the rest, which also helps to restore the shape and body as a whole.

Adjusting power and setting yourself for the feasible physical activity, the figure will quickly find the former attractive forms, and perhaps will become even more beautiful. It will also help those who do not know how to tighten the chest and suffering from new complexes for this reason.

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