The facades of private houses – choosing the best option

The facades of private houses – choosing the best option

The facades of private houses should be selected very carefully, because they create the first impression visitors and passersby. The façade design a pleasure rather expensive. The purpose of this article is to help improve the appearance of your country house. Of course, you can consult a specialist who will help to make a design project, but a project made with your own hands is sure to be a source of pride.

Before you begin the design of facades of country houses, it is necessary to determine which style is more suitable for you.

Choose the style for the facade of a country house

Let’s consider the basic styles, which today are the most popular.

  • Country or rustic style. It is simple, where the possibility of coarseness and clumsiness.
  • Provence. The design of the facade in this style looks much more refined than in the country. And there is no gross elements.
  • The English style. The main feature of this style is the significance and monumentality. The main element of construction is natural stone. The main symptom is considered to be a large chimney.
  • Romantic style. This style combines a blend of soothing tones and variety of elements, e.g., stucco or wrought products. It is characterized by flowing lines and intricate three-dimensional shape.
  • The Byzantine style. This style is characterized by arches and small Windows. The main entrance to the house, as a rule, stands out from the entire ensemble, excessive bling.

Options lining the walls of the facade

Next, let us dwell on the walls of the facade. We can use the following materials:

  • Natural stone. Is a rather expensive material, but certainly one of the most reliable. The facade is faced with natural stone, gives the building a very solid look. This material has various shades and composition, so popular with designers. It is worth considering that the stone creates an additional load on the Foundation of the cottage.
  • Another good material is clay tiles. It is made either from natural or artificial stone. This stone is often made of limestone, Dolomites, limestones, etc., Therefore the tile has the rich texture and different shades. It is quite hardy and tolerates other environmental factors, besides long time not lose its appearance. Definitely in favor of artificial stone says that he’s less than natural. Another advantage is the wider color range in comparison with natural. In addition, the artificial stone cladding is much easier.
  • Facing brick. Has a wide variety of shades, additionally it is cheaper than stone, and facing less time consuming.
  • There is another kind of material, which is a lot easier than the previous one decorative facade plaster. If the solution is properly prepared, the plaster will last you a very long time. The coating to be more reliable, use the metal mesh. To on walls over time, not there was mold in the solution add a special antiseptic. Its advantage in comparison with other materials – the possibility of staining in any color.
  • The siding appeared relatively recently, but has already become very popular. It is very easy to assemble, besides its price is low, and the color selection is huge. There is a disadvantage – it loses color under the sun.

Lately the fashion is combined facades, which uses just a few materials. For example, sale of cottages Kiev highway has a lot of options.

Decorate the facade of his house

When the style and material of the surface selected, you can think about other details, decorative elements.

Cornices are the most common form of decoration. In recent years the most popular are the cornice from foam that allows you to change the appearance of the facade.

The bas-reliefs. When selecting this element of decor does not contradict the style in which you will facade.

For decorating the Windows and doors can be used as natural stoneand modern material. The decoration should fit the chosen style. As it was the last penalty in the façade, the main thing is not to ruin all the work done.

Lighting is also an element of decoration of the facade. With it in the evening to emphasize the façade elements, which the day not so much. Here not to do without the services of a specialist.

It is possible to allocate following kinds:

  • local lightingthat you want to highlight balconies, Windows or doors.
  • background lighting to create the effect as if the house floats in the dark, by highlighting the larger part of the facade.

In this article above are not all the possible options of decorating the facade of a country house, only the most basic. Remember that your cottage has become a matter of pride, the decor of the facade is one option to achieve this.

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