The electric heater in the interior: tips for choosing

The electric heater in the interior, tips on choosing

Today there are a large number of different types of fireplaces. In great demand today are electric models. To the heater became the decoration of the house, brought in the atmosphere of the room comfort and harmoniously into the overall style of the room, you should know how to select it. Before you buy a fireplace Kyiv it is necessary to determine the place where it will be installed. Electric fireplaces is recommended to make the Central part of the interior concept. You need to choose a location where fireplace will attract attention more than other objects in the same room.

Types of electric fireplaces

Modern electric fireplaces are not only different in appearance, size, method, location. They are bilateral, pendant, classic, wall, corner. The most popular among homeowners won fireplaces corner type. They look similar to the classic wood fireplace, but their installation does not require ventilation system and chimney.

Selection criteria the heater

Besides the design, it is important to identify the purpose of the fireplace. If it is used for space heating, it is necessary to calculate the required power rate of 1 kW per 10 m2. Since fireplace usually is not the only appliance selecting power we have to consider a possible transaction.

Electric fireplaces are presented for sale in a wide price range. The cheapest options usually are deprived of a number of functions, such as adjusting the brightness of the flame, maintaining a constant temperature. Among homeowners the most in-demand models in the medium price segment. Such devices are equipped with a special relay, which automatically maintains the set temperature. The most expensive model – the epitome of custom designs. For example, the model for rooms in the style of hi-tech is not similar to the fireplaces in the classic sense of the word.

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