The drainage for the bath, methods of device

The drainage for the bath, methods of device

It is difficult to imagine a country station where there is a bath, but in order to bring only joy and health, it is necessary to resolve all issues related to excessive waterlogging of the soil and take care to improve drainage for the bath.

Methods of disposal

Traditionally, the village bath was built as close as possible to natural water bodies were dumped there excess moisture. In areas located near a river or ravine, such a system can be implemented without extra labor and material costs. All you need to provide high-quality drainage of the area next to the bath – put a drainage pipe to a natural discharge point. Unfortunately, to use this method is not always possible. We often have to build a complete system of drainage and Sewerage.

Another easy way to provide drainage of the Foundation of Bani – construction of drainage pits. At its core, it resembles an ordinary cesspool. Next to the building dug pit, in which the discharge of water. As you fill the drain hole is evacuated using sewage trucks. This method is simple to implement, but its effectiveness is small. Another important drawback is the need for regular pumping of the collected water.

The following method is a complicated arrangement, but effective, it drain well. It resembles a drainage ditch, but the bottom is lined with the draining and backfilling of sand and gravel. Water is discharged into the well passes through the filter layers and goes deep into the soil. This method can only be used if the bath is located at a sufficient distance from the house and other buildings on the site. Otherwise, the water will undermine the Foundation. It is possible to combine the drainage around the house and well water taking baths, but this method is difficult to call reasonable.

The most reliable method of drainage system

The most difficult but also the most effective drainage device is creation of a complete sewer network and drainage system. This method requires considerable material costs, to build the sewage network is quite difficult. Nevertheless, it is a complete drain is the best way to ensure the effective disposal of waste water from baths. It is desirable that together with sewage on the site was erected a full-fledged drainage system. This combination will effectively take away waste water, surface water, reducing groundwater level.

The drainage device next to the bath can be done in several ways. At low groundwater level and the presence of a full sewage to sewage can be limited to simple surface drainage system. In complex hydrogeological conditions, it is better not to save on drying by creating deep drainage. On clay or loam to lay drainage pipes. Areas composed of permeable soils, can be dried with the help of the charging system with soft drains.

The choice of the appropriate system should always be based on the specific situation on the site. In that case, if the territory is located on the slope or in the valley, do not neglect the services of professionals so as to create an effective system by yourself is not always possible.

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