The donation contract real estate as a way to deal

The donation contract real estate as a way to deal

The deed of gift or deed of apartments, private houses and any other property is a notarized contract drawn up in writing. Under this agreement, the property specified in the contract, absolutely free passes into the possession of any legal or natural person who has received official permission from the owner.

Under current law, the contract of donation is for a particular sample. A gift agreement must be bilateral, because the right of ownership must pass from one party to the agreement to the other. In its composition this contract resembles the contract of purchase-sale, but it has its own distinctive features, characteristics and details. In most cases, the donation transactions are carried out between persons who are related by kinship ties.

Deed of gift: features and benefits of the procedure. Deed of gift a contract is, prepares and certifies special notarial organization. The role of the notary in this case is very large. Him as a representative of the law, is responsible for the fact that the contract has been issued in accordance with applicable laws. Also, the notary must attest that both parties are sane and capable and conclude this Treaty by mutual consent and my own free will. In addition, the notary is obliged to verify the legality of the property. If the property is seized, or there are any legal prohibitions, the agreement is considered void. Also, it is possible to make the deed to all housing, and a target portion of, for example, a separate room.

To a contract made and executed, the notary must provide certain documents from each party to the transaction. This package belongs to: passport and taxpayer identification number of both citizens enter into an agreement, documentation which confirms the right to possession of the property, technical documents, special reference must provide the notary both parties to the contract and some other documents. After the agreement was made, it must be notarized. After certification, the new owner must register the new documentation BTI, where you will be given a new title to the apartment.

The process of transfer of apartments in the property by donation requires certain financial investments. First, you need to pay a Commission that is a percentage of the total value of the property. The amount of this fee must be pre-specified in the agreement. But one percent pay only those persons who have the owner’s relatives on the first line. Relatives waiting to pay five percent of the cost of housing.

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