The design of the rooms in the apartment: a creative approach to the design of housing

The design of the rooms in the apartment: a creative approach to the design of housing

Every person wants to create in the apartment a soothing, unique and comfortable atmosphere. But to do it in small apartments with one or two rooms not everyone under force. This requires a creative approach, the presence of knowledge in the field of interior design.

Options of combining rooms

Before you decide on the final version of the design of the apartment, should reconsider the design of living rooms photos to get acquainted with the main stylistic directions. Especially need to be careful owners of small apartments. For them, the best solution will be a combination of several rooms in one.

A common option is to combine the bedroom and living room (this is especially true for one-bedroom apartments or studios). In this case, sleeper is better to equip the layout with sofa bed will save space in the room. The bed should be placed near a window. It should be located at a maximum distance from the front door to the room. Sleeping space in this room needs to be divided correctly. For zoning, you can use the original partition, for example, interior doors-coupe. Planning to take this interior, it is important not to clutter the space with unnecessary decorative furniture, preference should be given to convertible furniture.

Stylish design of the hall

The owners of apartments with two and more rooms should be attentive to the decoration of the hall. Because room or living room is the Central room of each apartment. The main purpose of this room is to welcome guests and family pastime. Therefore, before proceeding to the design of the living room, it is advisable to look closely at the design of the hall with a photo, and select the desired option.

When the design of the room is important to consider:

  • the desired style;
  • color scheme;
  • the exact organization of space;
  • the number of household appliances;
  • space zoning.

Recently in the fashionable again is the «Classic» style in the design of buildings. It perfectly combines soft lines and functional piece of furniture. In the interior no fancy, bright and flashy details. The entire room is made in warm, bright hues. The main purpose of a living room decorated in classic style, is bringing in home comfort and coziness.

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