The design of the hallway on the latest fashion trends

The design of the hallway on the latest fashion trends

No wonder they say «clothes make the man». So the first impression about the apartment produces the design of the hallway. This is a business card which can tell a lot about the owner and the housing. Many do not pay enough attention to the interior of the room. This usually occurs for several reasons. Someone refers to the budget, and someone just doesn’t want to bother about the arrangement of the room. However, this part of the apartment and it should not be forgotten. The correct and practical approach to interior design hallway give the apartment a sense of harmony and atmosphere of a comfortable stay.

The interior hallway

Before proceeding to the transformation of the hall, one must understand what kind of interior he wants to see. In this case, the preference is given not only to the desire and needs of the owner, but the harmonious combination of the corridor with the other rooms of the apartment. Currently very popular among the design solutions to the question, is architecture. This style gives the room without unnecessary details, but at the same time it has an interesting and unique touch to the design.

The hall can be large or small. On this basis, it is important to address the issue of layout and design before the transformation. Depending on whether you want to visually increase or decrease the room will depend on the kind of material used and colors.

Material used for floor, ceiling and walls must be of high quality and be sure to combine each other. Get started with the flooring. For this purpose it is expedient and practical to use granite or ceramic tiles. The material is strength and durability, which is very important for the entrance of the apartment. Ceramic tiles may vary in color, texture and pattern. When decorating the walls is better to use decorative stone. This will give your hallway a cozy atmosphere of hospitality. Depending on the area of the room, will depend on the type of stone. If you want to visually enlarge the space, then this is the best fit for the stones, bright colors, small size and regular shape. Also in this case, you can use mirrors. Thanks to the dark shades and volume of decorative stone can, on the contrary, visually reduce the hallway. These tweaks will not be noticeable to others, but the hall itself significantly transformed.

Often in city apartments, the hallway ceiling is uneven. To skillfully hide this lack of ideal suspended ceiling. This option will perfectly fit into the interior hallway and will help to change the room. Now a large choice of suspended ceilings, which are ideally suited to address this question.


The furniture in the hallway should be functional and harmoniously fit into the interior of the room. Extra wardrobe, chest of drawers bedside table will give a hallway unsightly and less welcoming appearance. Very well if there is a minimum of furniture, in this case, it is sufficient to use a sliding wardrobe, a shelf for shoes and mirror. A great example of good design can serve as furniture from Mebel Expert, which combines both attractive look and functionality.


The lights in the hallway plays an important role. In addition to the main lighting, there are numerous options for more light. The main thing-do not overdo it. Additional lighting can be built into the ceiling, wall, mirror or furniture.

According to the materials: expert-mebel

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