The design of the combined bathroom — whether to combine the bathroom and toilet

The design of the combined bathroom - whether to combine the bathroom and toilet

The design of the combined bathroom has both fans and opponents. In the XXI century, carrying out a bathroom renovation, most people ponder whether to connect the toilet with the bathroom or not. Some take the decision of their connection using a fashionable accent, the other to save space and materials in the repair. In any case, you first need to think about the appropriateness and convenience of that remodeling a bathroom.

Combined bathroom has the following advantages:

  1. Space-saving: combining small bathrooms with WCs, you can obtain one more space that allows for any interesting and unusual ideas (Jacuzzi, bath and shower, unusual forms of plumbing, etc.).
  2. Profitable in financial terms: the use of fewer materials and therefore cost of the work, which will use the money saved be used to implement any other ideas for planning. For example tile for bathroom and toilet will cost less due to the smaller coverage area, because one wall will move away;
  3. The ability to set in a combined room a washing machine, a new dryer, various furniture for the bath.
  4. The water supply system is one that allows you to make repairs of steel pipelines with smaller startime cash.

The disadvantages of such redevelopment include:

  1. Combined with a toilet a bathroom makes it impossible to use it simultaneously to two people.
  2. The penetration of odor in another part of the apartment: in such a problem ventilating and air fresheners won’t help.
  3. There are problems with sound insulation: during the meal will always hear the sound of draining water and its path through the pipeline.
  4. In that case, if you live in an apartment, the elderly or small children, this bathroom style to them will cause great inconvenience.

However the connection of the two rooms is practical, modern and quite comfortable way redevelopment that will allow for some interesting ideas for the interior.

In the event of a change of the location of the bathroom or a complete renovation, and other essential forms of remodeling require that coordination with housing inspection. This includes:

  • To report to the Bureau of Technical Inventory on the replacement or installation of new equipment in the bathroom (shower instead of a bath, Jacuzzi, etc.).
  • Repair work must not impede access to the various communications in the field of engineering.
  • It is impossible to increase the area of the bathroom through the living space.

Thus, before carrying out repairs you should consider all the details and carefully weigh the positive and negative aspects of remodeling a bathroom. In the case of a decision to connect the two rooms should not forget about the legal side of the issue – to avoid unnecessary problems with the law and neighbors.

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