The design of a kitchen with a specific style

The design of a kitchen is the first thing that plan prior to its repair. The owners of the idea as a convenient way to place the sink, stove and table to cook with pleasure. Also gets a style decision, which must be in harmony with the whole house in General. About kitchen design much has been written, but try to make even broader consideration of the matter.

Interior design kitchen dining room – a variety of styles

To date, the list of generated styles of the living space is impressive. Almost all styles of kitchen interior design is constantly undergoing changes, the classic transformed into Neoclassicism, with the addition of bright colors and interior. Retro style combines Provence and modern, where designers look to the past with new eyes and constantly use the modern products designed in the spirit of the time. The high-tech style and minimalism, rattled a few decades, transformed into a loft-style, which literally destroyed all the stereotypes about comfort and aesthetics.

Select the style for the kitchen

Take a few styles and try to understand them in the kitchen.


The style of Provence, admits to a life of grace, peace and relaxation. In this kitchen life will be rich and exciting. Features of style of Provence, this pale shades, including floral and wooden furniture. In the kitchen the Provence a lot of dishes, so you should take care of the cabinets. They can be open, but instead of the door mounted curtains. Baskets with herbs, bottles with different gas stations, all accentuate the atmosphere of Provence. Some kind of negligence and simplicity reign in Provencal cuisine, however the interior colors and materials create a unique and stylish way.


Classic kitchen is luxury and can serve as a proof of Italian cuisine, deservedly considered the best. The classic kitchen is the best of everything: furniture, dishes, appliances. A feature of these kitchens is the furniture, which in itself is a work of art. This kitchen accentuate the artwork on the walls, wine racks and decorative porcelain.


The style that destroyed all idea of comfort, but he didn’t become less comfortable. Loft-style will be comfortable for creative people who are in perpetual search and are often invited into the house guests. Kitchen loft creates a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can feel at home. Often, loft-style high ceilings, so the furniture and appliances are installed more. Large kitchen sink, stove and oven, create a sense of place where well-loved ones. Dishes should be varied, designer cups and glasses, accentuate free style loft.

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