The culture of communication on the phone is iskustvo

The culture of communication on the phone is iskustvo

The culture of communication on the phone these days leave much to be desired. It is difficult to imagine modern human life without a phone. It helps us to solve problems faster, no need to write letters or spend your time to get to the right place.

When compared with the written application, a phone conversation has an important advantage: it provides two-way exchange of information. But to him, as to any business conversation you need to seriously prepare. The art of telephone negotiation is to short messages, the ability to Express the main idea and get the right answer.

Despite the fact that people use the phone for many years, not all people today know how to use this as a convenient means of communication. To buy the phone on the site e-katalog/list/122/lenovo/ or in a specialized store. In our days all over the world wide use of training, manuals, training ethics business conversation. Unfortunately, not every owner of the phone to try to follow the rules of communication.

Today almost all organizations train their staff to the rules of etiquette for workshops and practical classes.

The main ones you need to remember:

1.The employee who answered the phone should say Hello and call my name.

2. If called during lunch, the best option in such situation would be a request to repeat the call after the break.

3. Correctly in conversation to use such phrases as: «how can I be useful?» If the conversation drags on,you need to ask whether the interlocutor time to continue the conversation.

We should not forget that a phone conversation underlines mistakes in speech; slow or, on the contrary, hasty pronunciation of words largely difficult to see. To name names, names of settlements should be loud and clear,so that the interlocutor did not have to ask again.

The emotional state must be calm, because psychologists have long proved that a positive attitude has a beneficial effect on the brain. If the conversation with a negative, you can not only get a bad result of the dialogue, but leave a negative impression about yourself.

So, learn properly and nicely to talk on the phone is an art. But if you try, you can achieve great success, because the work is an integral part of our lives.

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