The criteria for the right choice of kitchen furniture

The criteria for the right choice of kitchen furniture

After much deliberation you finally decide to update the kitchen furniture. Do not make such a purchase in a hurry, before going to the store is recommended to carry out preparatory work. In this article we will describe basic criteria of the correct choice of kitchen furniture.Where should you start? First of all, determine the location and size of the future kitchen. For this you need to make measurements of the kitchen space, and then estimate how it will look in reality.

You can, of course, to make the necessary calculations on paper, but it’s better to use any available program for the placement of furniture in the apartment. The program allows you not only to try different configurations and sizes, but also to choose the appropriate interior design, including color and texture of the surface.

The choice of materials: what to choose

For the production of kitchen furniture used both traditional and modern materials.

  • Tree. Kitchen of wood will create the kitchen a unique feeling of warmth and comfort. In the production of kitchens used by a few dozen species of wood. The disadvantages of wood is quite expensive price and poor moisture resistance. However, if you buy Italian cuisine with a discount, you can get great quality furniture for a relatively small amount.
  • Particleboard and MDF. Cheaper and more economical option than wood. MDF compared to particle Board with greater strength, moisture resistance and environmental cleanliness. When buying a kitchen from particleboard, you should ask the seller hygiene certificate.
  • Multiplex, or multiplicata wood. Represents laid in different directions and glued together veneer layers from wood of firm breeds. Multiplex advantage over conventional tree is a great strength and resistance to moisture.
  • Metal. Widely used in modern design kitchens. Basically it is a very effective stainless steel with satin-polished surface or a more wear-resistant anodized aluminum.
  • Glass. For furniture uses special hardened durable varieties of glass. It is well suited for doors of lockers and worktops. Due to the ability of the glass to withstand substantial loads it is made from a kitchen shelf.

The choice of countertops

Besides those already mentioned for the manufacture of countertops applied and other materials.

  • Natural stones. Countertops made of natural stone have a unique pattern, but expensive. Most frequently used granite, it absorbs less moisture than other breeds. Marble is very beautiful, heat-resistant, has a wealth of shades. But at the same time requires careful care, otherwise the surface can become scratched and stains. A common disadvantage of countertops from natural stone is a great weight. Almost all exclusive furniture for kitchen is equipped with countertops made of marble, granite and opal.
  • Synthetic stones. The advantage of table tops made of synthetic stone can be considered a wide range of colors. In comparison with products made of natural stone they are cheaper and warm to the touch. The most well-known manufacturers – Corian,Staron, Acrylic,Montelli.

The choice of style and color

When buying food, the consumer, as a rule, limited only by our own taste and family budget. The market offers a variety of styles and colors. You can buy furniture in Scandinavian style or futuristic design, to make a choice between modern or classic.

When selecting color, it is recommended to follow some rules. So, in a room with low lighting, you should buy furniture of bright colors. In colours we prefer quiet pastel shades. Too juicy and saturated colors carry a heavy load for the eyes and tire the sight, tiny intricate patterns are also undesirable.

Correctly chosen colors and organization of the kitchen allows light to reach visually enlarge the space.

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