The cosplay feel like a hero!

The cosplay feel like a hero!

What is cosplay? The term means costume play. However, for those who engage in this kind of art, cosplay has become something more than just a game.

Cosplay and its concept

In childhood we all wanted to be anything: cowboys, princesses, dragons. But growing up the goal was other, and all those childhood dreams were just walking. However, cosplayers (people who are professionally engaged in cosplay) continue to play no matter what. For people to sew a Viking outfit and completely transform it for a couple of hours is not a problem.

The cosplayers are different, too: novice, professional, photocopier (for photo contests). However, they all share one thing – the desire to correspond to the selected character. For this purpose are the wigs, lenses, plastic and Aqua makeup, art-akvagrim, as well as costumes and weapons.

Swords, weapons, ammunition, cosplay all cosplayers do it themselves. The weapon mainly consists of building materials: PVC Board, polyurethane foam, ground, etc. the Use of LEDs for decoration attached to the finished product an unusual look.

Who needs cosplay?

All skills and talents are shown at special festivals. For the best images will be awarded prizes and awards. There is also a separate category for best cosplay, having won that you can get to the birthplace of cosplay Japan.

This kind of hobby develop the skills, because not everyone knows how to shave, to cut, solder and sew. Increases perseverance, because the costume on cosplay festival must be done in time. People don’t sit still, touring throughout Russia, get acquainted, gather in groups, while improving their leadership skills. It is much more interesting to do what you love in the company of the concerned «brothers in arms».

Cosplay as a job

Cosplay so you can turn in work, because not everyone has the ability to the creation of prosthetics or house is a machine for the tree. There are special organizations where any flavor and color you will do the necessary thing. However, it is quite expensive, so beginners cosplayers still trying to do everything with their hands from improvised means. It is the feeling that you did it by himself and out of nothing, causing a huge storm of positive emotions.

All the people in the soul of the actors. So why not develop this talent, because believing in yourself will be the fears of public speaking, which is not uncommon in everyday life not even creative people. Cosplay is a creative hobby, but never equal to release from the depths of the soul of the child and become the hero of his childhood.

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