The collapse of small business or the development of the construction business?

What awaits us in the near future? The collapse of small business or the development of the construction business? Self-regulatory organizations have emerged in an ambiguous period during the economic crisis of 2008.

During this period, the construction market has left small companies. Some, not finding outside support due to the downturn in the construction industry, have lost all their funds and become bankrupt. Other in order to survive were forced to team up with larger construction corporations. This gave the impetus for the emergence of self-regulating organizations SRO of builders and tolerances, which played a major role on the stage of the construction business.

Small construction companies: cancellation of license and membership in SRO

One of the reasons for the emergence of self-regulatory organizations was the abolition of compulsory licensing: now for the construction work were not required to obtain informed so necessary document. But now, to run your business, it was necessary to comply with another condition of becoming a member of self-regulating construction organization.

At the moment, according to the law, SROs have more authority and government is entrusted with vast responsibilities: from now on, the self-regulatory organization and check yourself in a certain way reglementary the work of their own members. Thus, the SRO has become a body that gives permission to engage in certain activities, supervises work in accordance with established standards. The objects of supervision, among other things, there are small companies which in the past was independent of the construction business.

This situation seriously undermined the positions of small players from building. Because of the license they are required to become a member of the SRO to have the opportunity to earn their capital design and construction. Membership in SRO is a cash cost. Also new member will have to face some legal nuances that at first will affect his «performance». But despite these moments, small construction companies are also entering in SRO, although the data structures are more attracted to large sharks of the construction business. If you are still touched by the financial crisis, you can find out the cost of bankruptcy in St. Petersburg in the Internet.

Positive changes

The construction industry has undergone some changes after the license has lost its value, as the game entered SRO.

  • Improving professionalism. Interested in business development, builders are not allowed to work, the company in which there are no qualified personnel or optimal resources to engage in the selected activity (the real builders are not welcome in his field of Amateurs).
  • Simplification of schemes of control. The absence of many «oversight» agencies, which are often «charge» to regulate the process, allow faster to bring projects to life. Moreover, it gave the possibility to objectively control the construction in all its phases.
  • Certification of ISO 9001. The construction has reached a qualitatively new level. Now, all new members of the SRO are subject to mandatory ISO 9001 certification. This approach increased the confidence of the Russian builders and domestic customers and foreign colleagues.

Many experts came to the conclusion that we should not mourn small construction business. After the appearance on the field SRO gave, in their opinion, only positive results, including improved quality of work performed.

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