The classic design of the Studio apartments: tips, ideas

Classic design studios is widely distributed. Classicism in all its forms since its emergence in culture of XVII-XVIII centuries, have extolled all the possible fundamental traits: the clothes, the facades, interior, works of art. Many characteristic features of classicism borrowed from ancient cultures and apply now. Let us review the basic elements of classical style , modern rooms-studios and how best to use them.


All elements of the interior should be in harmony among themselves. To achieve the effect of monumentality inherent in the classical style, for walls and appliances necessary to use such shades as white, beige, cream and silver. Furniture and small interior objects in this case will look better with shades of natural wood. Suitable snow-white and pastel colors.

Not quite right to say that if you go beyond the bright colors in the interior, you do not get a room in a classic style, but the color in any case should be calm and noble, and white copes with this task most successfully. It should be noted that beige, brick orange and sand-colored practical, and hide the dust, which in turn will free the inhabitants from the constant wet cleaning, as is the case with darker shades.

Materials for classic interior

The choice of materials depends on the quality and cost. The best are expensive types of wood: cherry, walnut, red, oak, as well as processed marble, leather and gilding.

For an indispensable floor material is hardwood. Even if other materials in the house are not too expensive and high-quality, parquet flooring makes up for it all.

In the working area of the kitchen, the flooring can be made from tile that mimics parquet Board. This technique will make the floor more practical and will last a long time.

Classic design Studio is costly, but some materials can be replaced without losing visual effect. For example, oak can be replaced with oak veneer. When choosing any furniture from natural materials or their imitation, first of all pay attention to the combination with the overall color palette of the Studio apartments.

Windows and lighting

Classic style always been famous for its stained glass Windows. A special world, which reflect colored glass will fill the entire room and create an atmosphere of truly exemplary home.

In the evening a light source will serve as a Central chandelier in a classic style with lots of shades and crystal pendants. The glitter and radiance of crystal, will make the house the semblance of a Royal Palace that will satisfy the wishes of the owner.

In the kitchen and in the bathroom you can install a more compact ceiling lights. For reading and work, not to spend a lot of energy and did not spoil the vision, perfect wall-mounted lamp or sconce.

Additional interior

Paintings, statues and vases, should be selected in accordance with the style. Greek sculpture and painting since the Renaissance, selected with knowledge of the case, underline the classical motif of the interior. The pillows on the sofa, curtains and carpets – essential attributes of the classics, so such items should be enough.

Studio apartment, quite difficult to the classic design, so sometimes it is simply impossible to do without the help of a professional designer.

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