The cartoon «Monsters on vacation» (2012)

Cartoon Monsters on vacation

If you haven’t seen the cartoon «Monsters on vacation» (2012), this article will help to get an idea about its contents.

The cartoon «Monsters on vacation» something reminded me of the animated series «School of Monsters», which also describes the relationship of adult monsters and their children.

Many years ago, when people staged another hunt for the famous vampire count Dracula, his castle was burned and the fire killed the favorite wife of the count. He himself managed to escape with his little daughter Mavis.

Since then, the count feared that this story again, but this time he will not be able to save her daughter. So he decided to build his house in the remote area of Transylvania, where people never got. And because these problems threatened not only Dracula, but also many other monsters, his home he soon became a hotel, where any monster could relax with family, not worrying about what people will be able to get here. This continued for many years. However, all this time, Mavis asked his father to send her to see the life of people. Fearing for her daughter’s life, the count told the girl how dangerous people can be. But Mavis made him promise to let her go to people when it reaches his majority. And finally the day came when the young vampire turned 118 years. On this day he decided to arrange a holiday not only for children but also for all the guests of the hotel «Transylvania». When Mavis was asked to fulfill your promise to her, Dracula allowed the girl to go to the neighboring village. The fact that Mavis saw there, long fought off her desire to visit the human settlements. But the girl didn’t know that it was all tricks of her father.

Meanwhile, in the hotel «Transylvania» accidentally snuck a young American tourist named Jonathan. He just got lost on the way and accidentally went to a hotel for monsters. Also by chance, Jonathan and Mavis met a vampire and fell in love with the new guest. When Dracula found out, he tried to put the guy from your hotel. But seeing the attitude of the daughter towards the young man decided at the time of the holiday to let him stay…

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