The camera of the future — panoptically camera

The camera of the future - panoptically camera

It’s only been a little over a decade, as digital cameras became affordable to the General consumer. Digital photography has given everyone the opportunity to try himself in this genre of art. Today professional photographers of ironic joke that almost everyone considers themselves a photographer because cameras are almost all. Digital cameras of the future presented us with some of the smaller stuff with a huge number of megapixels, has not yet appeared panoptically Luggagethat literally revolutionized the technology of photography.

The camera of the future – panoptically camera

The camera of the future - panoptically camera 2

Panoptically camera also called a light field, because it allows you to record the direction of light. In other words, this camera records the direction of the light rays that fall on the subject, as well as the intensity of that light. This happens with a few tens of thousands of microlenses with a size of about 0.2 mm. What gives us this technology?

The camera of the future - panoptically camera

If you are a beginner in the world of photography, then maybe you’re not just faced with a blurred image on their pictures. This happens due to the improper focus on the subject. Professionals who shoot with expensive SLR cameras will definitely know about focal length and its amazing features. Panoptically camera eliminates the first problem with the focus and extend the creative possibilities of the latter. The fact that images light fields allow you to focus on the object directly on the photo itself! This means that now will not have to take several pictures to show near and distant objects. You will be able to view the photo of alternately focusing on any you are interested in the object at a time, as we do in life through our eyes. In addition, the ability panopticism camera in the future will allow a return to the subject and to make three-dimensional pictures.

Click on any point to focus.

Today panoptically the camera is already available on the market at a price of$ 400 and presented in a single model called «Lytro». It looks like a small box with a lens on one side and screen on the other.

The camera of the future - panoptically camera 5

The camera of the future - panoptically camera 4

Here are a few pictures taken panopticism camera? that will give you the opportunity to experience all of its features:

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