The boy was 7 years old: what to give a child?

The boy was 7 years old: what to give a child?

The boy was 7 years old: what to give a child? When choosing a gift you need to show maximum responsibility. This will depend on how exciting the mood of the birthday. So consider the age of the child and his Hobbies. Thus, can make a child truly happy.

Supplies for school

As the boy became a first grader, school supplies he will need. So, enjoy it:

  • the pencil case features a colourful design and a large number of branches;
  • a set of markers of different types;
  • unusual table lamp;
  • fashionable briefcase, which never hurts;
  • organizer.

Unique gifts

It happens that the child is provided with everything necessary. Then you can use non-standard ideas. For example:

  • from chocolates to make the cake and chocolates or kinder surprises bouquet;
  • the boy with the interest to examine the surrounding objects if it is to buy a pair of binoculars, a telescope, or telescope;
  • give a birthday umbrella, which will simulate a sky dome, or umbrella is a chameleon that changes color in the rain;
  • the child began to learn how to treat money, gave a cool piggy Bank. It can be in the form of a Shoe, a house or any animals.

Sports equipment

The boys are very active and always requires energy output. It means that will be appropriate gifts:

  • bike;
  • punching bag and gloves;
  • kimono;
  • ski;
  • the ball (football, volleyball and basketball);
  • the badminton set.

Gifts to the scientific and educational plan

The boy is at a stage of development, when its all interested. He always wants to explore the world. So you will need gifts that will be supported.

The birthday boy is happy to accept from you:

  • the encyclopedia, which has an interesting presentation and will be understandable to the child;
  • the movies are of cognitive nature;
  • a collection of icons, coins, stamps and so on;
  • the Guinness book of records, which will awaken in him the desire to aspire to new heights;
  • construction set.

Creativity kits

Each child has a creative streak that must be open. And your child is no exception. And it can be done using:

  • the original album, brushes and paint;
  • children’s guitar as an adult yet difficult to master. But it will help in the development of memory, imagination, hearing, sense of rhythm and artistry;
  • clay, due to which the child will develop spatial perception, thinking and fine motor skills;
  • karaoke, especially if the birthday is always something sings.
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