The Bolshoi theatre in Moscow is the Bolshoi theatre of Russia

The Bolshoi theatre in Moscow is the Bolshoi theatre of Russia

The Bolshoi theatre in Moscow is the Bolshoi theatre of the Russian Federation. The state Academic Bolshoi theatre can be called a symbol of Russia, which is known all over the world. On the scene was delivered more than eight hundred works of such authors as Verdi, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Bellini, Ravel, Wagner, Rachmaninoff, Donizetti, Berlioz and Arensky, and many others.

The Bolshoi theatre, in the form that we see today, was built by the architect albert Cavos in 1856. However, the history of theatre at the corner of Petrovka decided to lead the March 1736, when the Prince Urusov began construction. The first performance of the theater was the ballet-pantomime «the Magic shop» directed by J. Paradise, which took place on 30 December 1780. Here was born the first Russian professional theatre.

The Bolshoi theatre was burned two more times after opening. It was again rebuilt and repaired many times. The last reconstruction ended relatively recently, on 28 October 2011. It lasted six years and cost the sum of 700 million dollars. The inauguration was accessible only by special invitation or a lot of money. Today selling tickets to the Bolshoi theater available in the free market, and everyone can appreciate the magnificence of the architecture and interior decoration a masterpiece of architectural art.

The big Academic theatre is easily recognizable by tourists for its colonnade topped by a bronze-wheeled chariot drawn by four horses, which manages the ancient Greek God, patron of the arts Apollo. Its author was Peter Klodt. Hall of the Bolshoi theatre has five tiers and is able to accommodate up to 1768. it is decorated with red velvet and gilded moldings. The scene is fully computerized. The highlight of the room is a huge chandelier with a diameter of 6 meters, which is hanging from the center ceiling is painted a picture of the nine muses with Apollo in the lead.

The repertoire of the Bolshoi theatre is continually updated. There’s Opera and ballet troupes, as well as scene-brass band and orchestra of the Bolshoi theatre. This is the best artists and musicians of the country, many of which have a national title.

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