The better and how to decorate the balcony?

The better and how to decorate the balcony?

Before we talk about what and how to decorate the balcony, you should perform hydro — and thermal insulation on it. And then start to linings of balcony space.

The list of materials for finishing of balconies, as well as instructions on how to decorate a balcony PVC panel and clapboard below.

A list of popular materials

A complete list of the most popular finishing funds for balcony looks like this:

  • – sheets of drywall;
  • the block – house, lining, lining;
  • – MDF panels;
  • – tiles;
  • – an artificial stone;
  • – decorative plaster.

A closer look at the two most common in people ways of covering of balcony – PVC lining material.

Justification of choice of finishes

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of the materials mandatory selection criteria are the technical characteristics of each of them. Carefully select the veneer for cold areas. Here the materials must meet high requirements on stability against temperature fluctuations. For rooms with heating decor you can choose absolutely any.

The easiest way to veneer is considered a cladding wall panels made of polyvinyl chloride. The material is not expensive. Resistant to mold and mildew, moisture-proof. The range of this category of funds has a wide selection of colors for every taste.

Wall panels PVC is exposed to high temperatures. So plastic is better not to consider as cladding balconies to residents of the southern regions. Keep in mind the caveat that at low temperatures this type of skin becomes fragile.

Note the wood trim. In addition to high aesthetic qualities, lining (and similar) does not have the drawbacks that have plastic. However, it has its own characteristics – the Flammability and the need for timely processing of means of protection.

The outside siding looks like smooth Board. The elements are attached to each other on the system «thorn-groove». Lining identical lining with one small difference: on the back it has ventilation grooves, groove under tongue in her deeper. The lining below the level of humidity.

The block house has a lot of similarities with the types of lining. The difference at the outer surface, which resembles a log. Using the block-house work to implement unique ideas in the design of the balcony. Accordingly, the price of this type of lining is expensive.

Options sheathing: PVC panels and wooden paneling

Instructions for the siding and paneling PVC panel

To calculate material, you can use an online calculator. For PVC panels can be used in any calculation formula.

Surface preparation – the first stage

First, do waterproofing, installing new Windows (if necessary). When building a balcony under a full living room still and insulated.

And battens and panels are fastened to the crate. It is set on surfaces where insulation is missing. Perform a sheathing of aluminum profile, wooden beams or special mounting rail.

Please note: in any method of finishing the balcony with the participation of the sheathing should be strengthened mortgages in those places where there will be shelves, lamp etc. Material for mortgage bonds can serve as boards or pieces of aluminum profile. It is important to monitor the level of collateral: it needs to be the same with him in the crate.

The second stage is the covering material

The covering of balcony surfaces paneling

The fastening of the sheathing to the furring possible in various ways:

  • – screws to the bottom of the groove;
  • – nails for the same region;
  • – kljamerami.

Let’s consider the latter. Principle of fastening shown in the figure below.

All works are from the corner. The first element return the cleats towards the corner. Attach with screws (one on each rail of the sheathing). Next comes the turn of claimer.

The upper end of its factories in the lower part of the groove on the first clapboard. With a hammer drive claimer to emphasis that he came to the end. Small screws or nails claimer nailed to the sheathing. Taking the second element, tightly slid his tongue into the groove of an initial level. The Board is fastened by kljamerami. By analogy sew the lining all the walls.

The next step is fixing the cladding on the sides, top and bottom. Doing this with nails or screws. Place the fastening elements so that they then can be hidden behind the skirting.

After the completion of work to strengthen the lining of the joints of the individual elements close special plinths, using the same nails and screws. Their little hats utaplivayut in wood. The hollows later lay a special putty for wood.

Please note: at the end of the wall on the balcony paneling (and its derivatives) all wood surfaces necessarily cover special preparations-antiseptics, anti-moisture. If you do not neglect these measures in the future, result from them are largely justifies, saving the upholstery from mildew and mold.

Paneling of balconies with PVC panels

The fastening system of the individual elements in PVC products with each other is the same as that of the lining – «thorn-groove». In this connection, the principle of finishing work will be the same. A caveat is only in the beginning of the installation: the first strap is attached using special molding, fixed all the same kljamerami.

The figure above clearly shows that the covering is produced for mounting the slats of the crates. And here claimer simply inserted into the rails, while it does not record additional fasteners (nails, screws). This way of furnish is considered the most effective and appropriate. The following will give the opportunity to perform the disassembly of the panels on the balcony, and then collect them again. Plating surfaces of balcony panels PVC possible and with a special construction stapler. In this case, the forest must first be provided and made of wooden bars.

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