The best way to handle the deck?

The best way to handle the deck?

Porch, she’s loggia, is the most beautiful and Sunny place in the house, which many owners don’t appreciate. This is bad, because if attractively to decorate the porch, it can serve as not only a place for the accumulation of unnecessary things, but also a great balcony, a place for planting flowers and a comfortable Seating area. Don’t you dream about this?

But the loggia was really comfortable and cozy, it is necessary, first, to furnish a good furniture that will be a lot of requirements. Veranda – an open space protected from rain, sun and wind, that is, phenomena that are typical for any Russian region. It is therefore strongly recommended to: note the Italian furniture that is known for its quality and unique design.

But is it really all right?

So, as the Italian master used a special wood in the manufacture of furniture, which is treated with a special liquid that protects the finished statue from pests, water, and sunlight. For the terrace is just what you need! This furniture does not require special care, but even in this case, will last you for years, especially if you do not act on it physically.

Italian furniture in addition to stability more famous and unusual design. Italy is ready to provide a huge range of wooden products, and none of the provided models will not disappoint you.

Since we are talking on the porch, just shorter it will look sun loungers, wooden tables and chairs. If you would like to add your recreation area, then pay attention to unusual supports for flower pots: some of them look like true works of art, all for the right price at your home!

Now the question is, which excites the hearts of many owners.

That was the same case when I can safely say that the price justifies the quality. Such furniture cannot be brought from China for a few dollars, because here we are talking about manual work and unique design which valued understanding people around the world!

Furniture made by the Italian masters, even after many years will seem new and the admiration of others, and that this effect is worth paying. Moreover, do not have to pay so much!

In addition, the balcony can accommodate a barbeque and more, so creating a summer family area depends entirely on you and your imagination!

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