The best screen adaptations of novels

The best screen adaptations of novels

Today I want to talk about the best screen adaptations of novels.

Can adequately convey the beauty of the literary works of cinematic language? On this subject there was a lot of controversy. Fans of the books, as a rule, are unhappy that the Director too freely treated with the letter of the text. Less well-read viewers often can’t understand why in General there was an interesting scenario. The case especially if the book is a widely recognized masterpiece.

The story of the movie forgot a lot of adaptations-failure. However, successful adaptation is not at the hearing (unless you count «Lord of the rings», «Night watch» and others). The specialists of the Library list, selected the five most successful book of the visualizations based on personal experience and feedback from moviegoers. The texts extracted by the Directors – world classics of the XX-XXI vecv. In most cases, the writer himself wrote the script for the film or was a co-author.

The best screen adaptations of novels

1. «Slaughterhouse-five»

(USA, 1972, dir. George Roy Hill)

Book: Kurt Vonnegut, «Slaughterhouse-five, or the children’s Crusade» (1969)

The best screen adaptations of novels

The only film adaptation of the novel, which agreed Vonnegut. Linear Plot: the main character Billy pilgrim at the moment the intensity of emotions spontaneously chronotherapeutics, proving that the bombing of Dresden in world war II, the Cadillac, riding on a Negro ghetto, if not in daleki planet Tralfamadore. The events in the film are described from the perspective of the fourth dimension: according to Billy, at some point he «blacked out time», have seen their birth and death, and now all the time moves between these two points.

Interestingly, this plot device is repeated three recent (and also very good) movie: «the curious case of Benjamin Button,» «the Fountain» and «Mr. Nobody».

The winner of the Cannes film festival in 1972.

Quote:“I’ll tell Tralfamadorian greeting: Hello. Yet. Hi. Yet. Forever linked, forever covered. Hi. Bye.»


2. «The woman in Sands»

(Japan, 1964, dir. Hiroshi Of Teshigahara)

Book: Kobo Abe «the Woman in sand» (1962)

The best screen adaptations of novels

The picture was released in us theaters under the slogan «Haunting. Erotic. Unforgettable.» and was an unequivocal success: the American critics unanimously declared it a classic psychological Thriller, not noticing ducky expressive Kafkaesque. The character of Niki, an entomologist-an introvert, quietly studied insectos Japanese coast while stayed the night in a cabin with a single woman at the bottom of a sand pit. In the morning he finds the ladder removed. Nicky is in the position not of the ant lion, but just as ants, slowly sinking into sinking sand of self-alienation.

Existential black-and-white classics with a perfect frame, perfect for multiple viewing. The first part of a trilogy about loss of identity, written by Hiroshi Teshigahara on the novels of Kobo Abe («the Woman in the sand» – «Alien face» – «the Burned card»)

Two nominations for «Oscar» special prize of the jury at Cannes (1962)

Quote: «You are digging to escape, or to escape to dig?»

3. «Light vokrg»

(USA, 2005, dir. Liv Schreiber)

Book: Jonathan SAFRAN Foyer, «Complete illumination» (2002).

The best screen adaptations of novels

Brooklyn’s own young Foyer quickly entered the higher literary echelon, taking on the stylus tough topics: the Holocaust («Full illumination») and September 11 («extremely loud & incredibly glare»), and writing on this canvas brilliant history. The film adaptation of «extremely loud» has bought the company «Warner Bros», «Illumination» also grabbed a beginner in directing Liev Schreiber (successful Hollywood actor: «Kate and Leo», «X-Men», «the omen», «the Scream»), and e in vain.

Was warm and touching film based on the novel: the first half the audience is usually laughing, the second cry. The story is autobiographical for Fouer young American of Jewish origin (Elijah wood, the only professional actor in the film goes to the Ukrainian hinterland. His goal is to find the woman who saved his grandfather during world war II. It should be noted that «the World around» (in another version – «And all was light») – a very close and clear to the Russian audience the film. In killer role of Alex – Eugene Hutz in sweat pants with Gogol Bordello, soundtrack sounds «Leningrad».

Award at the Venice film festival 2005.


– You often had sex with his girlfriend in America?

– Not really.

– What do you mean?

Well, I’m not a priest, but not John Holmes (the porn star).

Oh, I’ve heard of this John Holmes. He has a huge cock.


– Everyone in Ukraine has such.

– Even women?

– Are you kidding?


This film will appeal to those who love military Russian movies to watch online free and fans of the Odessa color and unconventional humor.


4. «Steppenwolf»

(USA, France, UK,Italy, Switzerland, 1974, dir. Fred Hines)

Kiga: Hermann Hesse, «Steppenwolf» (1927).

The best screen adaptations of novels

Immortal classic about the internal struggle tradesman with Superman was filmed with pomp: the participation of Salvador Dali, starring Max von Sydow and visuals were supplied with the latest advances in animation and special effects. Now they look comical, but powerful lysergic spirit of the picture that only gets more relevant.

The project of a film adaptation of the novel was initially controversial: in Hesse’s extremely difficult to film, however the Director Hines at one time was taken and more furious material – gassowski»Ulysses». Hesse scholars can argue about the reliability of magic strings, a Nobel prize winner, but the fact that the script is very close to the fact. Many will be difficult to perceive unclear absurdist atmosphere and a slow plot development, however, the dramatic ending will justify all expectations. Undoubtedly iconic, intelligent movie.

Quote: “There is a light within. You just need to step out of their shadows to see him.»


5. «House on the edge of the world»

(USA, 2004, dir. Michael Meyer)

Book: Michael Cunningham, «the House on the edge of the world» (1990)

The best screen adaptations of novels

The master novelist, Pulitzer winner Cunningham was very lucky with the film adaptation of the novel «the Hours», which has received all possible awards. Maybe that’s why the following «House on the edge of the world» remained in the shadows and flopped at the box office. Meanwhile, Colin Farrell, only learn about the project, bypassing all the agents broke through to audition to get a starring role.

the film is an adaptation of the novel is quite famous in the niche gay movie, however, this is only one of the storylines, it’s a film about important things in everyone’s life.In the film, carefully transferred the psychology of the intricate relations between characters are careless of the new York youth of the pre-AIDS. Beautiful and touching Bobby (Farrell), runs away from loneliness by all means, red-haired wild child Claire (Robin Wright-Penn). Notably the luxury soundtrack to johnny cash.


– What can you do for me?


– Give me a hug. Just hugs.

– Okay.

Stronger. Don’t be gentle, squeeze me tight. Even stronger! Below the ribs cracked!


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