The best models of sofas. What designs are popular?

Various models of sofas are suitable for different styles of interiors. So before you choose a new, comfortable, reliable and of course beautiful sofa, it is necessary to consider not only the cost. Discusses its specifications, plating, color. The problem is easily solved if you understand the features presented on the market.

New models of sofas: directions and trends

Easy, smooth shapes and clean lines inherent in the interior in a modern style. Models of corner sofas in an L-shape or U-shape will help to beat the space so to save space and to make a bright touch to the overall interior room. You need to determine the location of the sofa to determine the type of construction. If you put the sofa in the spacious living room, it makes sense to purchase a multi-functional sofa with built-in bar and sophisticated coffee table.

There are models of modern sofas with different types of mechanisms:

  • French or American cot;
  • eurobook;
  • accordion;
  • roll-out of the model;
  • other divan-ekb/store/myagkaya_mebel/.

If the sofa every day unfolds, it is the most durable and convenient option is the eurobook, which is not time-consuming to bring to the appropriate position. For small rooms it is better to choose the model of the accordion, a sofa, which will be decomposed only in rare cases. It is believed that the most comfortable sofa that is easy and pleasant to sleep is the couch. After selecting the configuration you need to evaluate the type and quality of excipients. Spring mattresses of high quality are much more durable than sofas with foam and serve at least 25 years. In addition, they have excellent orthopedic properties. It is also important to carefully consider the upholstery of the sofa. The most expensive options, leather or tapestry, look luxurious, but are more expensive and require careful maintenance. If the sofa is chosen as a bed, the transformation mechanism needs to be robust, easy to manage and does not require much effort when unfolded.

What should be the new couch

A good sofa is not only attractive and stylish furniture, and high functional characteristics, including convenience. In the pursuit of aesthetics should not forget that the furniture is designed to relax and promote rest, and only then to please the eye.

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