The best advertising festival Cannes lions 2013

The best advertising festival Cannes Lions 2013 6

The best advertising festival Cannes Lions 2013, was as always talented and has affected many of the problematic aspects of human life, as well as harmless solutions. The festival » Cannes Lions, the most ambitious and shirokolashkata event in the advertising world, which every year gives people the opportunity to Express their opinion in an attempt to change the world for the better.

International advertising festival Cannes Lions is considered the best among the creators of advertising in all areas. In 2013 the competition was held in 60 – th time, again hitting the jury successful and worthy of admiration. The show was offered commercials social and charitable nature, the winners received the highest award – the Gran Prix. Gold Lions were awarded for the achievements in the technical field, so it is important VideoStudio engaged in shooting commercials, and then handed out awards for music, best Studio, videomasters, innovation, design, and many others. Absolutely everyone, if he has an idea and the professional video Studio, to present their advertising work to the show. The jury awarded the videos as for the idea and its embodiment. The festival has a very large impact on the solution of social problems around the world. For example, the project of the Russian advertising Agency Voskhod, under the title «Force officials to work» has received 5 Gold lions, one silver and one bronze, and also made a correct interpretation of its call power. The is of a social nature, gives us a hope to be heard, and the festival » Cannes Lions gives impetus to move forward.

Gran Prix of the festival received an animated video called «Dumb Ways To Die» , talks about the most ridiculous deaths, including under the wheels of a train. The video was created as part of an advertising campaign of safety on the platforms of railway tracks in Melbourne metro (Australia).

This video is called «the Beauty within», about the life of a young man who wakes up every morning in a new body. Received the following awards Grand Prix in the category «Branded content and entertainment», «Digital lions» («Integrated campaign»).

A unique and inspiring video about Paralympic athletes of the London Olympics 2012. The movie received the Grand Prix in the category «Videomasters»

Pleasantly pleased with the Russian advertising Agency Voskhod, received seven awards for its social video «Force officials to work»

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