The art of wedding photography

The art of wedding photography

The art of wedding photography, nowadays, has become quite popular and in demand. From year to year more and more popular photographing weddings. More and more photographers. Actively developing the area of graphics editors. How to compete with colleagues from a diversity of technical means and techniques of this great industry?

First of all, you need to regularly improve their skills, closely following relevant publications about the latest developments in the field of wedding photography in the media and periodicals. Preferably on a regular basis browse the Internet your competitors to learn from them new techniques and techniques. It is also desirable to constantly analyze their own mistakes and shortcomings and learn from their mistakes. Try every time to show originality. The template pictures are currently low popularity.

Get yourself two catalog of standard images, the basic and additional. Basic needs include classic images for the base of the album or for those couples who prefer a traditional wedding. Additional directory should include interesting production shots for the themes.

Before signing the contract on rendering of services of the wedding photographer, the specialist should properly assess their strength – does he have enough professional equipment for shooting this wedding, he will need helpers, will he be able to translate the customer’s desire in life, if he makes a very specific photo requirements. It is also necessary to clearly specify the requirements and wishes. It is impossible to provoke their carelessness of the situation, when in place on the wedding day the photographer is suddenly not able to provide the necessary conditions or a prop for shooting.

From the first conversation with clients, you can use this technique as a offer bonuses in case of conclusion of the contract. For example, you can offer a free survey of the history of Dating couples at the conclusion of the contract. To gain the trust of the client, show him a few options already made your orders and (if any) written recommendations and reviews from your former clients.

In case you are just starting your career in the profession of wedding photographer, it is best to test yourself as an assistant. This will allow you to combine theoretical knowledge with practice without harm to the young. Novice photographers usually do not have your personal assistant. Therefore, in the case of the necessary of wedding primette active and sociable guest, which you if necessary can bring his assistants.

Before the wedding in a personal meeting with the customer together determine the style of the wedding in order to preplan shots. you can make it as a photographer Yulia SPB Sadofeva about portfolio on your website.

Learn quickly to navigate the terrain. This will allow you to quickly find good angles. On the eve of the wedding to personally visit the designated route wedding trip the newlyweds and on the site plan where it would be possible to make the most successful shots.

Get to know the guest list – classic set of photos requires the mandatory presence in the photographs of close relatives and friends.

Before the wedding, be sure to charge the phone and camera. It is preferably to have a spare battery for your camera, and removable flash card.

A wedding photographer must be as pleasant to talk to. His attitude towards his work and others, creates the atmosphere of the shooting. Focuses on newlyweds that were not asked and did not tell guests at the wedding. In advance, invite guests with cameras not to obstruct the view.

Active. This is what you have to offer angles and poses, but you don’t have to run around and ask. But try to satisfy all the ideas of the newlyweds.

Your appearance must be discreet but impeccable.

After the wedding, carefully retouch each frame you wish to use for the album, to leave the newlyweds have only pleasant memories of fellowship with you.

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