The art of photography, or stop the moment

The art of photography, or stop the moment

The art of photography is one of the most remarkable art forms in the modern world. Often people confuse a true passion for photography with lots of shots myself. A real love for photography is something more than a photo like «I am a monument». The ability to stop time at some fantastic moment to Express their emotions and feelings in one small picture to expand the boundaries of «I» – that is the ability to take pictures. Became interested in photography, you begin to see the world through different eyes, discovering more and more new boundaries. Display the raindrop to the person who will look at the pictures heard her sound is a true art of photography, to do this is to learn to photograph.

People who are just starting to get acquainted with the photo, this seems like a fairly simple task. Caught the frame, pressed the button and everything else will make digital technologies. Now do not need as before, to spend hours in a dark bathroom with lots of solutions and developers to see the result of their work. In our time and the truth is, thanks to digital cameras, ka csdes e-catalog/list/206/panasonic/ and other equipment work for the photographer becomes significantly less. But the camera is just a tool to create images, and the wizard makes it not just a picture, and whole story.

In fact, photography is fraught with a lot of subtleties and nuances. The word «photo» in Greek means «light painting» – in effect, means drawing with light, kind of explains some of the technical components of the process. The whole technology of creating photographs is in finding the proper composition, appropriate lighting and the photo itself. All this is determined by the photographer based on their skills and abilities, and of course personal taste.

Today it is difficult to imagine our world without photography. Each person gives their images a certain sense. For someone the art of photography is a most valuable document, which stores all the history of life. For some it’s a way to reach out to the world, a way to speak. Modern photography is a great way to communicate, firstly, with its help you familiarize yourself with a large number of people, and second is dialogue with itself. You explore yourself, your emotions, creativity. Photography is each person some associations, memories, new ideas about themselves and the surrounding reality, allows you to attract the attention of others. Art photo everyone can without regard to speak about their desires, feelings and fantasies.

In the development of photography as art, the most important aspect is an objective criticism. First the wizard must be able to distinguish the weaknesses from the virtues. Not less important is the criticism of others. Than competent and authoritative will criticise the photographs the beginners, the faster from the world of photography will be eliminated amateurish disputes that distract and interfere to create high art and to watch him.

Genre of photography is, in fact, the expression of the master. Real art transcends the usual picture. It can be combined as the newest methods such as computer graphics, and very old materials and equipment – coarse paper, tinted, monocular lenses. In any case, the main factor of the art of photography is, what place it occupies in our lives. Such images are not made to order, they are created for galleries and private collections this is the main difference between Amateur photography from photography.

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